Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Every-day Eye Make-Up!

Well hello there my lovelies, today I thought I would do a tutorial on my everyday eye-makeup. I have very small eye lids so I like to keep everything subtle otherwise I end up with really dark small eyes.  I don't wear fake-eyelashes on a day to day basis unless it's a special occasion. I tend to opt for neutral colours that don't in other words stand out too much. I usually go for blues and browns. 

There are 4 products that I can't live without.
  1. SEVENTEEN Wet Look Lacquer Eye Liner (£3.99)
  2. Barbara Daly High Impact Mascara Brown (£7.00)
  3. A blending brush
  4. Eyeshadow.

I love these products and use them religiously at the moment. I am not keen on the Barbra Daly foundation, it is way to patchy on my skin and I really do not like the texture. However, the mascara is wonderful. The 17 eyeliner is amazing, it does not budge all day, it really gives that wet look affect with easy application. 

  1. To start off the look I cover my eye-lid with a soft beige to get an even base. I like to choose a light colour with a slight shimmer to high-light my lid.
  2. I then take a light baby blue and apply that just above the crease but not on it.
  3. After using the light blue I take a dark blue, A sort of midnight blue, and apply this on my crease. This really helps define my eye and make it look that tiny bit larger! 
  4. My fourth step is to blend in the remaining eye-shadow. There is nothing worse than a solid un-blended colour. I like to blend, especially, above the crease so there is no bold solid contrast between the eye-shadow and my skin.

  1. Curl your lashes with some eyelash curlers to give your eyes a much more open look. I always curl my lashes! A really useful tip is to heat up the lash curlers with a hairdryer for 3-5 seconds! The heat keeps your lashes in place and gives a better curl! 
  2. Apply a thin coat of mascara and try to avoid clumping!
  3. I know most people apply eye-liner before mascara however, I really find that doing it after can give you a more smoother line. The mascara defines my lash line so I find it easier to follow with the liner! I like to add a small flick where the outer v meets the lash line.

I wear this look for work or on a casual day because it is so natural. For the rest of the face I wear a light pink blush with a nude lip gloss to finish it off. It is so easy to do and takes no time at all! 

Good-bye for now my lovelies

lots of love

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