Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Life update!

So I have not posted in a long long time! I have been so busy over the past month, it's literally been crazy. I finished college in July and since then things have been non-stop!

First of all, I went on my first grown-up holiday!! I have never been on holiday without my parents so for me, this was a huge deal. My boyfriend and I decided we would love to visit Old Town, Albufeira. It is such a lovely destination full of character and amazing things to do. The restaurants were amazing and everything was so tasty. Not only that but it felt like such a warm and welcoming place (which was reassuring as I was a little scared to be without abroad without family if I am honest!). 

On holiday we spent our time in a lovely apartment, right in the center of the old town. The apartment was amazing, we were so impressed at the standard of hospitality shown by the owners. When we arrived we were greeted by the manager, Ken. He had stocked the fridge with champagne, milk, butter and bread! He was such a funny individual! I will upload some photos of my holiday on another post!

Also, I have been working quite a bit which has taken up a lot of my week. I hope that everything settles down in the following weeks so that I am able to blog more! I have so many ideas yet it feels like I have so little time on my hands!

Anyway,  lots of posts to come in the next few days!

Lots of love

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