Thursday, 1 August 2013

REVIEW: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I have walked past this brush so many times and thought "I need that product". There are so many positive reviews on the Real Technique brushed so I decided it was about time I put it to the test.

This is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99)


The brush promises to "Create a flawless base which helps you build coverage gradually for an airbrushed, high definition result" - Real Techniques

The Brush is packaged in a long, thin box with information provided on both the front and back. The brush itself is quite small with a pinch in the handle creating an hourglass sort of body. 

The brushes use Taklon fibres which basically means the hair is synthetic. They are also hand-cut which to me screams brush TLC. The brushes are colour coded in order to allow ease of access and define the use which is such a great idea! The stipple brush is pink which means it is within the 'perfect finish' category and also has a name on the side in order to allow easy reference.  


So, when I got home from buying this brush I couldn't wait any longer. I took off my makeup with my usual routing, cleanse, tone, moisturise, prime. I then went straight in and dipped the brush into the product I had on my hand. I decided to use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation (£5.99) in Ivory. I love this foundation as the coverage is brilliant and also, it is one of the only foundations that really look well on my skin colour. I am very pale so finding a foundation is a full blown mission for me!

The brush instantly gave me an airbrushed look. by using a circular buffing motion I gained such a good application of product. The brush has an extended aluminium ferrule and this really does ease the application and control of the brush. 

All in all I am extremely satisfied with this brush and so glad I bought it! It really has changed my foundation application. I will defiantly be investing in some more Real Technique brushes! 

What are your thoughts on the Real Technique brushes and which would you recommend?

Lots of Love


  1. Great review. Write some more as soon as you have another brushes.

    1. I will be purchasing some soon! thanks! x


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