Saturday, 31 August 2013

The waterfall Coat!

So the days are getting colder although I can't say they have been as such "hotter" this summer in the UK. I love winter/autumn, winter is by far my favourite season! I love the feeling of being cosy and wrapping up on a cold night! I think there are so many great accessories to keep you warm and looking good during the end of the year.

Now we all know a coat is a necessity during the last few months of the year. Not only are coats a great part of your autumn/winter wardrobe, they also look great with a scarf/gloves/hat.

I love waterfall coats, they can look so classic and smart while fashionable and modern at the same time. Whether you want a work coat or a casual weekend coat, the waterfall style can be manipulated to suit both. 

There are so many different materials and styles that have been contributed to the waterfall coat. whether it's different length, material or desired season, the waterfall coat can be manipulated to become personal and suit any individual preference. I love this style as it is simple yet gorgeous. Each of the coats above range in price and style, whether you want a heavy winter coat or a jacket for nipping out, the waterfall coat provides!

What do you think of the waterfall style? Let me know if you have found the perfect waterfall coat!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Life Update!

So again I have been terrible at keeping up with my blogs. I have not blogged in what feels like forever.

After sitting my exams for the international baccalaureate, I have had a huge change in heart about what I want to do in the future and where I want to be. I had originally applied for a speech and language therapy degree in Manchester, however, this has all changed.

After receiving my results I decided to enter clearing. For those who are unsure what clearing is, it is a system on UCAS whereby those who did not get the grades they expected or literally found something else in which they wanted to study, can apply. It is almost like a second chance.

By entering clearing I was able to get a place in The Leeds Metropolitan University to study Psychology. I am so happy that I was able to do this and feel blessed to have been offered a place! Psychology is such a great subject and it is so interesting as well.

The past few weeks have been chaotic and there have been many ups and downs. I never really realised how stress full the university application process was and how quickly time flies!

Anyway, I will be more frequent with my posts once I have settled into Leeds! I move in 2 weeks today! I feel as though a post specifically related on the clearing process would be great for those who are unsure about it or are nervous!

Keep smiling my lovelies

Monday, 5 August 2013

Beauty update!

Thought I'd do a little update on some recent purchases I have made! For years I have been unhappy with the colour of my teeth, they aren't a great colour and it prevents me smiling a lot of the time. I had braces from year 10 until year 12 so that sorted out the shape of my smile. However, the colour can really get me down!

I have decided to look into some teeth whitening solutions. The first thing I decided was that i did not want anything that contained peroxide or caused sensitivity. By researching this I have found that there are products which are 100% free of peroxide therefore minimises the risk of any sensitivity. I also wanted something relatively easy to use which provided good results. 

By doing this I came across iWhite Instant (£24.99). I thought this was well priced for a teeth whitening product and the reviews I have read seem to be positive and none report sensitivity. I will be trying out this product and updating you on the results as I go, day by day. It should arrive sometime this week. Take a look at the iWhite website for more information and some good FAQ's on the product and technology involved.

Also! I have decided to stop using the high street foundations for a while as they never seem to stock my colour and I always end up wasting money. I recently posted that the Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation (£5.99) was brilliant for pale skin. However, I have completely changed my mind. The foundation has become darker on my skin! I do not know how this has happened! Throughout the day it becomes a sort of orange colour and looks so tacky on my skin! I am so disappointed.

But have no fear! Illamasqua is here. Illamasqua are such a brilliant brand for all skin colours. They really do cater for pale skin, even offering a foundation in pure white (shade 100), great for mixing with high street foundations in order to achieve desired colour.

I have ordered the ILLAMASQUA Rich Liquid Foundation in 115 (for very light skin with neutral undertones) (£25). This foundation is pricey but I feel it is necessary due to my lack of choice on the high street. I have also read brilliant reviews on this product and so I want to see if the results are as good as described. For £25 I think you are definitely getting a lot of product too so in terms of weighing up the pros and cons, I think the pros definitely win this time. 

Well I can't wait for these products to arrive! I hope the teeth whitening fulfils the promises it makes and that the foundation saves me from blotchy orange make-up! 

I will keep you updated

Lots of love

Thursday, 1 August 2013

n;spa beauty ritual

Ever since I tried my first nspa product, I fell in love. The products are Paraben free and presented beautifully. With the easy numbering system they provide it is impossible to get muddled up or confused with what product you need to use next. There are four steps to nspa's beauty ritual. 


To draw out impurities, remove make-up and clarify skin.

This is the N-SPA Melting Cleansing Gel (£6.00). This product feels so odd! You apply the gel like substance to a dry face. After massaging the product into your face you add water and it turns into this luxurious cleansing milk! I love the idea behind this product as it leaves skin feeling soft and smelling great! You only need a little product so this bottle will go a long way! Ingredients of this cleanser include Grapeseed oil which is known to reduce acne, prevent ageing and dark under-eye circles, moisturise and tighten skin. It also includes essential oil of Neroli as do all the beauty rituals range. Oil of Neroli is known to stimulate skin cell regrowth, reduces fine veins or scars and improve skin elasticity. 


To buff away dull skin cells.

This is the N-SPA 5 Minute Magic Mask (£6.00). Although this is described as a mask, to me it isn't your traditional face mask. With expectations of a mask which dries to then be washed off or peeled off, I was surprised at the texture and result. As you apply the mask there are tiny little balls of vitamin E which burst as you are massaging the product into your face. When you can feel the product become smooth and there are no more balls of vitamin E, you can go off and leave the mask for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up, the mask has set and you can wash it off. As water touches the dry mask, it turns into a creamy face wash. I love how the product is almost two in one, a mask as well as an exfoliating face wash. This product also contains Ginseng which is known to hydrate skin, boost circulation and detoxify the blood. 


To condition and replenish tired skin.

Thirdly I have the N-SPA Illuminating Beauty Serum (£7). This serum promises to give your skin a natural luminous glow. You can use this product under your make-up or on top of it. I personally choose to wear it under as I feel it can ruin the look of your foundation/powder or whatever. This product contains Maca Root which is known to strengthen skin and prevent ageing, Although I love the N-SPA products, I do feel that this is one of my least favourite. It does illuminate skin however I find it isn't greatly noticeable. Non the less, I will keep using the product to see if I can see any improvement.


To restore and nourish thirsty skin.

Last but not least, this is the NSPA Beauty Balm (£6)/ The BB cream has SPF 15 UV protection as do most BB creams. A BB cream is great for the skin, especially during the summer time. I am all for the BB creams this season however this is not for me. I am so pale and I never tan, this BB cream seems be to dark on my skin. I am quite gutted really as it smells and feels amazing on my skin! Maybe they will bring out a lighter option in the future (I HOPE). This is in ways a money saver product as it falls into both the treat category and the moisture category. I can imagine this would be perfect for those with more olive / tanned skin.

Well that's it my lovelies, I will be investing in some more N-SPA products in the near future and will be posting my reviews on them too. 

Lots of love

New Skin Care Haul

As I was browsing through the beauty section in Asda, I came across a new range of products. The lovely pastel coloured range of products caught my eye all the way down on the bottom shelf!

This skin range is only available in Asda as it is a store brand. The range is so cheap! I managed to get all the following products for around £16! Usually the price of one product if not less. I decided to give this range a try as I have always though expensive = better quality. I think I may have been proven wrong as for so far, I am very impressed!   The best thing about these products is that they are paraben free! So many companies have started leaving out parabens and this is great! I will be posting shortly about why we should AVOID PARABENS!!!

They do not have the full range of products on the website so I will not be linking each product. However, I'm sure if you live in the UK there is an Asda close by or in the nearest town. 


Above you can see the SkinSystem Eye make-up remover (£1.50) and the SkinSystem Creamy face wash (£2.00). Both of these products do what they promise. I really love the face wash as it leaves your face feeling so smooth and clean. The eye make--up remover is also really effective however I don't really like the fact that it's a cream. I feel a bit nervous putting it on my eyes as it may get into my eye and sting. Maybe that's just me being silly!


The SkinSystem Cleansing lotion (£2.00) and the SkinSystem Toner (£2.00) are really kind to my skin. I have sensitive skin however, these products are lovely. The scent of the two are gorgeous, sort of floral. I also think the size of the two bottles are great, you get a lot of product which will last you a long time, baring in mine I use it morning and night. 

I decided to get two moisturisers as I love to moisturise my skin! On the left is the SkinSystem Q10 Night cream (£2.50) and on the right is the SkinSystem SPF15 day cream and night cream (£2.00). I love how the night and day cream are in the same tub! this is perfect for travelling or taking in a handbag! The Q10 night cream is slightly thicker than the other product. Again both products are beautifully scented and leave my skin feeling so soft and moisturised!

Lastly I decided to try out the SkinSystem Anti-ageing wrinkle serum (£2,00). I have often read that by using anti-ageing products early it can benefit your skin so I thought why not. The serum is quick drying and you only need a small amount which is a plus!

Overall I think you can't go wrong with these products. They are perfect for a starter skin care set for early teens or something like that. Also the price is absolutely amazing so the upkeep on products wouldn't be too much of a problem, the products are also quite large so would again last you a long time!

Have you tried any of the Skin System range? let me know what you think!

Lots of love

REVIEW: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I have walked past this brush so many times and thought "I need that product". There are so many positive reviews on the Real Technique brushed so I decided it was about time I put it to the test.

This is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99)


The brush promises to "Create a flawless base which helps you build coverage gradually for an airbrushed, high definition result" - Real Techniques

The Brush is packaged in a long, thin box with information provided on both the front and back. The brush itself is quite small with a pinch in the handle creating an hourglass sort of body. 

The brushes use Taklon fibres which basically means the hair is synthetic. They are also hand-cut which to me screams brush TLC. The brushes are colour coded in order to allow ease of access and define the use which is such a great idea! The stipple brush is pink which means it is within the 'perfect finish' category and also has a name on the side in order to allow easy reference.  


So, when I got home from buying this brush I couldn't wait any longer. I took off my makeup with my usual routing, cleanse, tone, moisturise, prime. I then went straight in and dipped the brush into the product I had on my hand. I decided to use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation (£5.99) in Ivory. I love this foundation as the coverage is brilliant and also, it is one of the only foundations that really look well on my skin colour. I am very pale so finding a foundation is a full blown mission for me!

The brush instantly gave me an airbrushed look. by using a circular buffing motion I gained such a good application of product. The brush has an extended aluminium ferrule and this really does ease the application and control of the brush. 

All in all I am extremely satisfied with this brush and so glad I bought it! It really has changed my foundation application. I will defiantly be investing in some more Real Technique brushes! 

What are your thoughts on the Real Technique brushes and which would you recommend?

Lots of Love