Monday, 5 August 2013

Beauty update!

Thought I'd do a little update on some recent purchases I have made! For years I have been unhappy with the colour of my teeth, they aren't a great colour and it prevents me smiling a lot of the time. I had braces from year 10 until year 12 so that sorted out the shape of my smile. However, the colour can really get me down!

I have decided to look into some teeth whitening solutions. The first thing I decided was that i did not want anything that contained peroxide or caused sensitivity. By researching this I have found that there are products which are 100% free of peroxide therefore minimises the risk of any sensitivity. I also wanted something relatively easy to use which provided good results. 

By doing this I came across iWhite Instant (£24.99). I thought this was well priced for a teeth whitening product and the reviews I have read seem to be positive and none report sensitivity. I will be trying out this product and updating you on the results as I go, day by day. It should arrive sometime this week. Take a look at the iWhite website for more information and some good FAQ's on the product and technology involved.

Also! I have decided to stop using the high street foundations for a while as they never seem to stock my colour and I always end up wasting money. I recently posted that the Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation (£5.99) was brilliant for pale skin. However, I have completely changed my mind. The foundation has become darker on my skin! I do not know how this has happened! Throughout the day it becomes a sort of orange colour and looks so tacky on my skin! I am so disappointed.

But have no fear! Illamasqua is here. Illamasqua are such a brilliant brand for all skin colours. They really do cater for pale skin, even offering a foundation in pure white (shade 100), great for mixing with high street foundations in order to achieve desired colour.

I have ordered the ILLAMASQUA Rich Liquid Foundation in 115 (for very light skin with neutral undertones) (£25). This foundation is pricey but I feel it is necessary due to my lack of choice on the high street. I have also read brilliant reviews on this product and so I want to see if the results are as good as described. For £25 I think you are definitely getting a lot of product too so in terms of weighing up the pros and cons, I think the pros definitely win this time. 

Well I can't wait for these products to arrive! I hope the teeth whitening fulfils the promises it makes and that the foundation saves me from blotchy orange make-up! 

I will keep you updated

Lots of love

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