Thursday, 1 August 2013

n;spa beauty ritual

Ever since I tried my first nspa product, I fell in love. The products are Paraben free and presented beautifully. With the easy numbering system they provide it is impossible to get muddled up or confused with what product you need to use next. There are four steps to nspa's beauty ritual. 


To draw out impurities, remove make-up and clarify skin.

This is the N-SPA Melting Cleansing Gel (£6.00). This product feels so odd! You apply the gel like substance to a dry face. After massaging the product into your face you add water and it turns into this luxurious cleansing milk! I love the idea behind this product as it leaves skin feeling soft and smelling great! You only need a little product so this bottle will go a long way! Ingredients of this cleanser include Grapeseed oil which is known to reduce acne, prevent ageing and dark under-eye circles, moisturise and tighten skin. It also includes essential oil of Neroli as do all the beauty rituals range. Oil of Neroli is known to stimulate skin cell regrowth, reduces fine veins or scars and improve skin elasticity. 


To buff away dull skin cells.

This is the N-SPA 5 Minute Magic Mask (£6.00). Although this is described as a mask, to me it isn't your traditional face mask. With expectations of a mask which dries to then be washed off or peeled off, I was surprised at the texture and result. As you apply the mask there are tiny little balls of vitamin E which burst as you are massaging the product into your face. When you can feel the product become smooth and there are no more balls of vitamin E, you can go off and leave the mask for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up, the mask has set and you can wash it off. As water touches the dry mask, it turns into a creamy face wash. I love how the product is almost two in one, a mask as well as an exfoliating face wash. This product also contains Ginseng which is known to hydrate skin, boost circulation and detoxify the blood. 


To condition and replenish tired skin.

Thirdly I have the N-SPA Illuminating Beauty Serum (£7). This serum promises to give your skin a natural luminous glow. You can use this product under your make-up or on top of it. I personally choose to wear it under as I feel it can ruin the look of your foundation/powder or whatever. This product contains Maca Root which is known to strengthen skin and prevent ageing, Although I love the N-SPA products, I do feel that this is one of my least favourite. It does illuminate skin however I find it isn't greatly noticeable. Non the less, I will keep using the product to see if I can see any improvement.


To restore and nourish thirsty skin.

Last but not least, this is the NSPA Beauty Balm (£6)/ The BB cream has SPF 15 UV protection as do most BB creams. A BB cream is great for the skin, especially during the summer time. I am all for the BB creams this season however this is not for me. I am so pale and I never tan, this BB cream seems be to dark on my skin. I am quite gutted really as it smells and feels amazing on my skin! Maybe they will bring out a lighter option in the future (I HOPE). This is in ways a money saver product as it falls into both the treat category and the moisture category. I can imagine this would be perfect for those with more olive / tanned skin.

Well that's it my lovelies, I will be investing in some more N-SPA products in the near future and will be posting my reviews on them too. 

Lots of love

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