Thursday, 5 December 2013

review: la roche posay

Many of you have probably heard of this brand due to their product Effaclar Duo. I had never heard of this brand until Ruth Crilly mentioned it in her video;

As you know acne is the bane of my existence I am always trying to rid of it! I thought i would give this
product range a go.

Firstly, I wanted a product to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. I chose to buy the
Physiological Cleansing Gel , I love the packaging and the pump makes it super easy to control how much product you are using. I use the product once in the morning and twice in the evening to make sure I remove all the makeup and dirt from my face. After using the product my face feels so clean without feeling dry or irritated. I am really impressed with how easily the product removes makeup. I wouldn't say it foams however it does seem to dissolve the makeup as the gel changes colour from clear to a sort of foundation colour. The product itself is soap-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free, paraben-free which is really great.  I got the product for around £13 however, It is now £11.50 in boots. 

Next up is the Effaclar Duo which is raved about in the beauty world. I had high hopes for this product and it definitely lived up to my expectations. Within a couple of days of using this product my skin had a complete turn around. I went from having sore, raised red acne all over my cheeks and chin, to having a flatter, less red skin with many of the spots completely gone. I am in love with this product and it really is a life changer I would even say it is my holy grail product. If you are suffering from acne I would really recommend this product, i did not have a  few spots here and there i had numerous large raised spots all over my skin and chin and it was so painful. Don't get me wrong it is still there however it has improved by miles and there is only a fraction of it now. The product uses Niacinamide and Piroctone Olmine in order to fight bacteria and get rid of the blemish/acne. In order to tackle sebum clogged pores, LHA and Linoleic Acid is used which also eliminates any dead cell build up blocking the pores. This product is also Non-comedogenic which means it will not block pores. I purchased this for around £12 however, it is in boots at the moment for £9.75.

I didn't want my face to become dry so I wanted a moisturiser that would really really moisturise my face and stop any flaking. I decided to go with the Hydraphase UV Intensive Light. This product promises 24hr hydration and also protection from UV with SPF20. The instructions state it should be put on every morning so that is exactly what I did. When using this product my face feels completely moisturised and you don't need a lot of product at all. On the skin it is so light and silky which creates a great base for your makeup. I genuinely love how healthy my skin feels after applying this. You can pick this up at boots for £16.50.

I am so so so impressed with these products and I think they work brilliantly together when trying to tackle acne prone skin. I have seen a huge difference in how well my skin looks and feels and I think I will stick to this for a long long time. The products have a lot of product which makes them great if you want a long-lasting product. The packaging is simple and classy which makes them look really beautiful and clean cut. I can't wait to try some more of the La Roche Posay collection, so far I am very impressed Give their website a read if you're interested in advice or any other products or ingredients used it is really helpful.

Lots of Love

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