Thursday, 20 February 2014

Be Happy in your own skin!

I think one of the biggest problems amongst teens today is self-esteem. For some reason we all wish we could change this and change that at whatever cost. I think one of the most important parts to being happy in your own skin is to accept your flaws. I have suffered from bad skin since I became a teen and to be honest, I let it control my life. I hated taking pictures, going to school with little makeup and was so jealous of all my friends with their amazing skin. After years of acne, it has finally gone and in all honesty, it wasn't worth all the fuss and worry. Towards the end of my Acne I stopped being so self conscious and started to embrace other things such as my hair and my clothes. I took the focus away from the negative and it was the best thing I've ever done! After realising that things could be much worse, I began to love myself and accept that everyone has things that they don't like about themselves! So my first tip is to accept and love yourself, like Queen B says, flaws and all.

It's so hard to ignore what people say and discard their opinions. In high school, I was so wrapped up in what people thought about how I acted or what I wore, even what music I liked. I've come to the age where I only listen to the opinions of people who really care about me such as my close friends and family. If someone is making you feel like you should wear something different or look different, chances are they aren't worth the hassle. People who care about you will boost your confidence and accept you for who you really are. I hate that some people are made to feel so little when in reality, it's nothing and just another individual being unfair and nasty. So my second tip is to ignore the opinions of those who do not matter to you! We live in a world where unfortunately people will try to hurt you or bring you down but rise above it and stay true to what you believe.

Surrounding yourself with positivity is an amazing thing. Whether it be be positive people, positive music or reading positive quotes, it can change your life. I love using instagram and tumblr to find motivating quotes and pictures to life my mood and make me think about the future! My mum is such a perfect example of this, she sees the good in everything. If I have a problem I know that within minutes mum will be sending me quotes and pictures to help me see the good and think "well things could be worse! (thanks mum x)

There are so many more things to consider, I know we all have our personal problems but in general, I want everyone to feel happy in their own skin and not like an outsider. Everyone has their imperfections and it's important to remember that! no one is perfect and beauty comes in all different forms, shapes and sizes so smile and love yourself because life's to short to think otherwise!

Let me know if you have any tips and what you thought!

Lots of love


  1. super fijn artikel en het klopt helemaal!

  2. I totally agree - I was just looking at a weight stereotype thing as well. I hate society and all it's theories on how we should be and look! It's all about being comfortable!<3

    1. For sure! No one has the right to make you feel upset or lower your confidence! <3


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