Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review: Eyelure Eyebrow Shapers

Hello my lovelies, I recently purchased some Eyelure Eyebrow Shapers (£2.69) from Boots because my eyebrows were in need of a good taming. At first I was a bit wary, I have the idea that these types of products aren't very effective. 

In some ways I feel I was right, The product isn't "fantastic" as such however it did give my eyebrows a nice clean look. The strips did not remove ALL hair however they did remove most of it which for me wasn't really a problem as I followed up with tweezers.  All in all I'd say these strips are a handy backup for when your brows need a little neatening. I would definitely suggest keeping a pair of tweezers on hand though!

Let me know if you have tried these!

Lots of love

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