Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines day!

Hello my lovelies, just a quick post to share with you what I received for valentines day! I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends and i felt truly loved on valentines day!

I think there is a huge misconception around valentines day, people feel that if they are single, they can't celebrate. In my family, valentines day has always been about each other and appreciating one and other. Because I am at university I loved receiving little bits and bobs to make me feel as if my family were right there with me.

From my boyfriend, Ed, I received a gorgeous ring from swarovski which i absolutely adore, It means so much to me. 

From my beautiful Mum I received this gorgeous ornament to make my room feel extra homely! I love things like this they look so shabby chic!

From my amazing Nan and Taid, I received this very yummy chocolate heart, it tasted amazing and lasted 5 minutes (Sorry Nan & Taid, you know I love chocolate!)

Lastly, I got these lovely heartfelt cards which lovely little messages to motivate me and remind me that I am always loved no matter what and that family are never too far away!

Just wanted to make a quick note to say:
I Love my family more than anything in the world, I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and inspiring people!

I had a wonderful day and I hope you all did too! Let me know what you got up to!

Lots Of Love


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