Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nair Body Wax Strips!

Hello my lovelies, So it's been quite sunny here in Leeds over the past few days and as we Brits do, we get extremely excited about the slightest hint of good weather. I love wearing dresses in the spring and in order to do so, you need to have your legs in shape! I have never waxed my legs before so I thought I would give it a go! 

I purchased the Nair Body Wax Strips for Legs, Body & Bikini with Argan Oil & Jojoba Oil (£6.69). However, they were on sale for only £3.33 in Superdrug. 

With the product you receive, 20 Argan oil wax strips, 2 Cooling pre-wipes and 2 moisturising post-wipes. 

The package states that these wax strips are for hair as short as 1.5mm and results last up to 4 weeks. You can use these strips on your legs, body and bikini line. 

Before using the wax strips you must clean the area with soap and water, following with the pre-wax wipes. In order to heat up the wax strips I used a hair dryer on low heat. The great thing about the wax strips is that they have a heat indicator which lets you know when the are ready. After heating, I pulled the two strips apart and applied one to my leg. Before pulling the strip off, you must first brush the hair down in the direction of growth. When you are ready you pull the strip in the opposite direction, making sure it remains parallel. When you are finished waxing you must apply the post-wax wipes. 

In terms of how effective this was at removing hair, I'd say it worked pretty well. I don't feel there are enough wax strips within the box however you can manage to wax the front of your lower leg. Using the wax strips is not painful however it isn't the comfiest of hair removal techniques. 

I am please with the results and will let you know how my legs look in 3-4 weeks. I would purchase the product again however I feel like there needs to be more wax strips provided, especially when the original price is above £6. Not sure about you but I think the packaging seems a tad out-dated as well. 

Let me know if you have tried these and what you thought!

Lots of Love

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