Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Growing Out Short Hair

Hello my lovelies,

This time last year I decided to cut my hair into a short a-symmetrical pixie style cut. At the time I thought this was a fab idea and didn't take into consideration that it may not suit me. I love short hair cuts, they can look so elegant and edgy, however, I did not manage to pull off this look. I kept this hair cut up until July, by then I'd had enough of the effort it took to style the cut and keep it up to date. 

I decided from then that i was going to grow my hair out. This was not the easiest process and it can be so frustrating at times. I thought I would write up a few tips on how to cope with growing out a short hair cut without going insane. I have also included some pictures of how my hair currently looks, I have managed to reach shoulder length which I am absolutely loving


#1 - Decide and commit 
When you decide you are going to grow your hair you need to commit to the idea. It will not happen over night and you will want to take a pair of scissors and cut the uneven growing hair, don't! There are times when I couldn't stand my hair during the growing process. Because I had an a-symmetrical cut, one side was longer than the other and I felt stupid having odd bits of hair on the back of my neck. But don't worry, as soon as your hair hits fair length, you can cut your hair to make it even. Best feeling ever. 

#2 - Don't be afraid to trim
It seems odd to suggest a trim when you are growing your hair, especially when it feels like every bit of progress is everything. If you don't keep your hair healthy and get rid of those split ends, your hair is going to be less likely to grow sufficiently. I have been told many of times that regular trims will increase hair growth. 

#3 - Find other ways to wear your hair
During my hair growth I found lots of creative ways to wear my hair up. I didn't like wearing it down as I wasn't happy with the look so I twisted it up into boho style up-dos which was good enough for me. I began to wear my hair up so often that when I finally sat and thought about it, my hair was looking so much longer! I also invested in a clip in pony tail which looked great, no one can tell the difference. 

#4 - Don't dwell on the growth
I used to spend so much time thinking about how unhappy I was with my hair and how much I wanted it to grow. This wasn't good and didn't make me feel happy or confident. Eventually I started to forget about it and the time passed much quicker, it is now April and I have thicker and healthier hair! Be happy and know that eventually, you will be where you want to be.

#5 - Treat yourself
Invest in some nice hair care, I used Mane 'n' Tail Shampoo and Conditioner (£6.99) for a while which is such a great product. I know I sound crazy but this was initially used on horses, however, so many people have found that it increases hair growth and improves hair condition. These products made my hair feel in top condition and I really did see a growth in my hair. I also invested in some hair masks or left conditioner on my hair over night. 

It's a frustrating process but it's not the end of the world, be happy the way you are and embrace what you have. I'm happy I stuck to my hair growth and didn't end up chopping it off again!

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