Friday, 25 April 2014

Lazy Days and Friendly Outings

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all happy! 

The end of the Easter break is upon us and I will soon be back at university. I have had such a nice time at home spending it with family and friends. I thought I'd just post a few pictures that I took over the time I spent at home. I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend which was nice as I don't see him as often when I am in Leeds. 

My boyfriends family have also suggested that they might be going on holiday over Christmas and were kind enough to invite me! I can't wait to finish my first year of university and spend the summer planning new things and enjoying myself! I have also become hooked to a new TV series, American Horror Story. It is the most weirdest thing I have watched but it is so addictive and has such an interesting storyline. I had a lovely meal with my friends last night, it was so nice have a catch up and a good laugh. I had a Smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese & chives on Rosemary flatbread, it tasted amazing! I also had two pots of tea and a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream. 



What have you guys been doing this Easter?


  1. For Easter my family had a big dinner. We still have leftovers! Glad to hear you've had an amazing break. Good luck back at Uni!


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