Monday, 28 April 2014

Lose The Label.

Hello my lovelies, 

As I have mentioned previously, I took part in a new campaign called "Lose The Label". This campaign is run by Vichy Dermablend who want people to feel comfortable in their own skin. If you want to know more detail on the experience click here. I really am grateful for the Dermablend range and its' ability to make me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. We shouldn't be labelled by how we look, especially when it is something we can not change, such as our skin. 

I have included a few pictures below that were sent to me by the team at Vichy Dermablend. Please make sure you have a look at the products available from the Dermablend range, or any other of the Vichy ranges, they are life changing. Click here to see the range of products they have to offer. 





I think the idea and aims of this campaign is extremely important, we shouldn't be judged by our skin and we should be able to be confident and happy with the way we look. Brands such as Vichy Dermablend have allowed people such as myself to express how we feel and not be labelled by a skin conditions.

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