Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bourjois Beauty'full Volume Dark Khol Mascara

I have always had a difficult relationship with mascara, or should I say my eyelashes. I have never had long curly lashes, even with an eyelash curler, they don't look much better. Because of this I have never enjoyed using mascara as it just seemed to weigh my lashes down even more. I had recently tried a Bourjois mascara and it seemed to be the best I had tried in terms of curling and elongating my lashes. Because of this I decided to try the Bourjois Beauty'full Volume Dark Khol mascara (£7.99) to see if it had the same effect.

I am so glad I stuck with Bourjois as this is the best mascara I have ever tried. The end of the wand is so unique to anything I have tried before, it allows you to reach every lash with the multiple angle options. I have found that I don't get any clumps with this brush which I usually get on my lower lashes, I feel the formulation of the mascara itself is right on target. The formula itself is not thick yet it still obtains that black Kohl effect without needing numerous layers. The design of this product is beautiful, it reminds me of the 60's with the black and white check. The definition obtained when using this mascara is exactly what I wanted and it lasts all day without that horrible flaking you get with some mascaras. One of the main reasons I have never enjoyed wearing mascara was due to the stubborn removal at the end of each day, however, I did not experience this with this product. The product is easy to remove therefore no harsh rubbing or lash pulling is needed!

If you have tried this product let me know what you thought!

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