Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards & The Next Newcomer Blog Award

Hello my lovelies, 

As many of you may know, entries are currently open for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards & The Next Newcomer Blog Award. This will be the first year I have entered for these awards. 

It took me a good couple of days to debate whether this was something I wanted to do. I love reading all the amazing beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs that are all over the internet. I feel that starting this blog has allowed me to be part of such a fantastic comunity filled with such talented individuals. I really put a lot of effort into this blog, I feel that most of my life I have been extremely driven to achieve academic based qualifications and threrefore my creative personality had to take a backseat. This blog has given my the chance to express myself and share my photos and thoughts with people who not only support you but are interested in what you have to say or show. 

If you think I am worthy of either the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards or The Next Newcomer Blog Award, I would be extremely grateful if you could follow the links below and vote! I myself have voted Victoria over at www.i-heart-fashion.co.uk for Best Lifestyle Blog. 


COSMO: http://shar.es/S6vkJ (Best New Beauty Blog )

For the Cosmopolitan vote you must first scroll down and click next! 

If you have voted let me know, I would love to say thank you! Good luck to all those other amazing bloggers entering as well! 

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