Monday, 12 May 2014

Healthy Attempts

Is anyone else feeling that pressure to change the unhealthy habits into healthy ones? I know I am. Recently I have felt myself having one too many McDonald's and not making an effort to keep myself healthy. I don't necessarily feel I need to loose weight, but I think some of the things I eat can't be having a good effect. I have decided to try change my ways by improving my diet and exercising more. 

I have been loving Greek yogurt, granola and fruit for breakfast, a nice change from cocopops! Also I have replaced my other favourites such as bagels, to wholemeal ones so that I can still enjoy the same sort of comfort. Little things here and there have really improved how I am feeling in general, I have cut out sugar in my tea by replacing it with stevia, an all natural sugar which tastes 10 times better than the other sweeteners on the market. I hope I can keep this up as i feel it would be a great routine and lifestyle to get into.

what do you think?


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