Friday, 20 June 2014

All Grown Up

It feels like only yesterday I was getting all dressed up and ready for my end of school prom. I can't believe how fast time has passed and how much has changed over the past 19 years. As the oldest child, I have been able to watch my two little sisters grow up, especially my youngest sister Isabel who is still in primary school! It feels so odd to see my not so little sister, Chloe all dressed up and sophisticated, leaving school! 

Chloe looked absolutely beautiful, everything was perfect. She chose such a gorgeous and classy dress and her hair and makeup was immaculate, as usual. It is so fulfilling to see her so happy and getting where she wants to go. She has turned out to be such a smart young lady and although we disagree hugely on a lot of things, I am extremely proud of her and know she will go so far in life. 

I have attached a few photos of the night, most of them are of Chloe and her best friend Tamara who also looked stunning. Before I turn round I'll be posting photos of Isabels prom! 


  1. Wat zie je er mooi uit en ook hele mooie fotos!

  2. Love love love your photography - what camera do you use? So happy I found your blog! Pick 'n' Kitsch

    1. Hello! Thank you! I use the Canon 600D xx


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