Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Clean Eating & Meal Prep

If you've got Instagram or watch YouTube, you've probably come across the many individuals dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Because I have always had such a high metabolism, watching what I was eating never really bothered me as I never put any weight on. However, I feel that because of the amount of bad foods I eat, my body has become sluggish. I really want a toned and healthy body for summer and so many people say it mainly relies on diet. 

I have decided that it was about time I became totally strict with my diet. I often exercise, however, I have never really had a "healthy" diet. What is clean eating? clean eating is a lifestyle whereby you cut out any processed foods and extra additives. By doing this you are only eating whole foods that have not been altered in any way.  I have decided to start by trying out two clean meals a day (lunch & dinner). 

After loads and loads of research, I found an easy equation for each meal: Protein + Starch + Vegetable. I looked at each catagory and chose the ingredients I personally liked the most. 

Protein: Chicken & Salmon.
Starch: Quinoa, sweet potato & brown rice.
Vegetable: Broccoli & Carrots.

I have made 12 clean meals in total as I will be having a rest day once a week (My boyfriends mum makes amazing curry, I can't say no!). Have any of you tried clean eating or meal prep like this? If so let me know!! 


  1. I am really trying to eat healthier! This is such a good idea to prep all the food well in advance. I would really love to try and cut my sugar intake! xx

    1. same, my downfall is tea, I love sugar in my tea! xx

  2. Dat ziet er goed uit hoor. Ik wil ook wat gezonder gaan eten.


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