Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lotus Flower & Cherry Blossom Body Butter*

I love body butter, especially in summer when you want to really look after your skin. I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous Superdrug Lotus Flower & Cherry Blossom Body Butter (£3.99) which is a product that I have never used before. 

I always apply a body butter after a shower/bath and also before bed and when I wake up. I love body butters that smell and feel amazing and this product does both. I think the packaging of this product is so attractive and it looks absolutely gorgeous on my dressing table or beside my bed. I have been impressed with superdrug own brand products in the past and this is no disappointment. Its nice to find a company with a constant high level of quality and dedication to producing fab products. The texture of the product seems quite thick and creamy at first with a really silky touch, however, it is so easy to blend in and when you finally have the product on your fingers, it isn't so thick and melts into the skin with ease. The smell is so summery and floral I am in love with it, sometimes I don't bother with a fragrance as this body butter is just enough to make an impact. The product absorbs super quick so you aren't left with a sticky or greasy residue on your skin. I think one of superdrugs main qualities is the pricing of their products, you get a lot for paying so little. I think there is more than enough of this product and it will last you forever, again, a little goes a long long way. I am really enjoying using this product and will deffo be taking it on holiday, as I will be also taking the Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond conditioner (£1.99). Let me know if you have tried this product and what you thought about it!

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This product is a PR sample*


  1. Wat een leuke verpakking en de kleur is ook leuk, hele fijne review heb je gegeven, het klinkt erg goed!

  2. Ah it sounds really amazing! :)


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