Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Room Tour

So I've finally been back to Leeds to pick up all my things and lug it all back to north wales. It feels so surreal that the first year of university has been and gone. I didn't realise how much, how should I put it, crap I had accumulated over my first year! I had also left a basket of washing to be done. ooops. Now that I am home and have unpacked everything, I thought I would share a few photos of my room and do the classic "room tour" tag. I am really happy with my room, there are lots of little bits that make me smile! 

Let me know what you thought of my room! If you'd like to know more leave me a comment! 


  1. Such a beautiful room! I love the stand with the clothes and the little bunny plate and the jar with make up... :))

    Kisses, Kali
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  2. Je hebt echt een hele mooie kamer.

  3. LOVE the style of your room and all the little cute shabby chic ornaments. I really want to get a clothes rail, yours looks great with all the difference pieces on it x


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