Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Botanics Hydrating Night Cream

Well, haven't I been neglecting my blog. I have been extremely busy over the past two weeks, starting a new job, travelling to a few places and also just catching up with friends. Now that things have settled down a bit, I feel like there is finally enough time for me to keep on top of things. I have been suffering from extremely dry skin and my acne has also been flaring up. I thought that this may be due to a lack of moisturising in my skin routine. I always apply a day cream but never usually bother with a night cream. I came across the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream (£3.99)

This product is from the Boots Botanics All Bright skincare range. The All Bright range is one of five different ranges, each targeting a different goal such as more youthful skin or less shiny skin. The night cream itself promises to encourage the renewal of skin so that when you wake up, your skin looks much brighter and healthier. With a combination of Hyaluronic acid and Natural AHA's from  Hibiscus flowers, the product should increase moisture levels and mildly exfoliate the skin. 

When I first used this product I was impressed by the consistency of the product. It is a really thick cream with a really silky feel to it. When applying to the skin the product feels expensive and super hydrating. I feel that after using this product my skin has really improved both in moisture level and by also reducing the amount of acne on my face. I feel like a little bit of this product goes a long way, especially because it is so thick. Although the consistency is much more thicker than my usual moisturiser, it did not effect the amount of time taken to absorb into the skin. The product absorbs within a couple of minutes meaning you don't have to sit around before going to bed. Overall I am really happy with the outcome of this product, I look forward to using it every night as it feels so luxurious. I do feel my skin has become brighter and feels much more smoother and generally much more healthier.


  1. I've literally just got back from boots and bought some Botanics stuff! I love it!xx


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