Saturday, 16 August 2014

It's All About The Lashes*

I've never had long, thick eyelashes. I have always had to rely on falsies to get that fuller look. When I received  a pair of lashes from Superdrug, I couldn't wait to try them out and see how impressive this product was. 


First off, the price of these lashes are amazing, £3.43! The quality and look of these lashes is perfect. As a contact lens wearer, I am happy to be assured that these are totally safe to use, something that isn't always made clear on other brand packaging. The lashes felt light and stayed on all night, the glue wasn't tacky so when I removed the lashes, I was able to keep them for re-use in the future. The glue dried completely transparent and wasn't clumpy, a characteristic I find way to often with some lashes. I am so impressed with this product, for a girl with quite small eye-lids, I didn't think the lashes were over powering. A most definite re-purchase. 

This product is a PR sample*


  1. They look great on you x

  2. These look fab! Thought they'd look a bit 'too much' but they look so lovely on you. For that price too, will definitely treat myself to some! Xx



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