Thursday, 14 August 2014

Statement Shorts

This summer has been amazing for fashion. There have been so many items on my wish list, I really need to win the lottery to fund my shopping needs. I ordered quite a lot from Missguided for my holiday and have been so impressed with the quality and overall look of the clothing. 


I love the Neon Orange embroidery and the scalloped edging, it isn't too much or too little. The Bright white of the shorts make your tan look even darker due to the contrast  The material feels so lovely, you can really see the quality. I wouldn't normally go for something so bright , however, these shorts seemed to call out to me and they turned out to be a perfect purchase for my holiday. One of the best things about Missguided is they have 10% student discount which can really go a long way if you're trying to save money! There are usually lots of offers on too so you can't go wrong here. 

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  1. They're SO pretty & fit you perfectly! :)



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