Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Pixie Cut

The Cosmopolitan Blog awards creates so much excitement within the blogging world. Not only is there the excitement of entering and the possibility of winning, you also get a chance to help other bloggers, like yourself, to achieve their dreams and support them on along the way. I have written this post in order to share who I will be voting for and why. 

The Pixie Cut is a blog I have followed for a good while now. Drawn in by gorgeous outfit inspiration and a real enthusiasm towards blogging, I have to say this is one of the best blogs I have ever read. With a constant flow of gorgeous photos on both instagram and her blog, I love finding new items for my wishlist of simply looking for outfit ideas. I feel that The Pixie Cut is a great contender for both the "Next Newcomer award" and the "Best New Fashion Blog" her style is absolutely fab and there is always a fresh look. What I like most about this blogger is the support and interest she provides in other bloggers, I have noticed that on platforms such as instagram, The Pixie Cut will comment, like and share with other bloggers and this is something I feel a lot of bloggers lack. If you haven't already please do check this girl out! 

With all that said you can click HERE to vote for the "Next Newcomer Award" and also the "Best New Fashion Blog Award" - All contending blogs are amazing, good luck to everybody!

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