Saturday, 27 September 2014

River Island London

Perfume is the one thing I find extremely hard to spend money on. I feel like I use it so often that I can't financially spend £30-60 on a new bottle every time I run out. When I came across the River Island range of fragrances, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved them. The collections of fragrances are available in a range of sizes including a 10ml roller (£4), 30ml bottle (£10) and a 75ml bottle (£12). I purchased the 10ml roller first to make sure I was sure of the scent before committing to a 30ml bottle. 


I have been wearing this scent non stop it has such a gorgeous sweet smell. I think for the price this is a must for those who want to re-purchase. I really love the roller as you can pop it in your bag/clutch on a night out when you don't want to take a full on handbag. The roller is also great for places on the body such as our neck and wrists without spraying too much. I use the bottle before the roller to make sure the scent is strong enough before topping up throughout the day with the roller. I can't wait to purchase some more scents from the River Island range, I think I'm an addict to London. 

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