Saturday, 1 November 2014

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara*

Younique are a company I had seen floating around Instagram. I have seen numerous photos of girls with before and after pictures, where their lashes would go from short to false lash length. Fortunately I was sent one of the Younique products to test as the company have expanded to the UK, launching November 1st. The product I was sent is the Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lash Mascara which retails at £23. For a mascara this is pushing towards the high end market price, however, it is not your ordinary mascara. 

When I opened the package I was impressed to find a gorgeously packaged product. Unlike anything I have seen before, the Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara comes in a gorgeous faux leather quilted case. The Younique brand logo is also embossed on the front in silver. Upon opening the case you will find two products, a Transplanting Gel and the Natural Fibres.

To apply the product you firstly curl your lashes and apply a thin layer of your own mascara. You then add a coat of the Transplanting Gel and lastly, the Natural Fibres. On first application I ended up with really clumpy lashes, however, after a second application and practice I had gorgeous long lashes which were much longer than my natural lashes. The only negative to this product is that you have to be careful not to end up with spider lashes which are clumpy and unflattering. To avoid this I spend extra time applying the fibres and separating out my lashes.  If you apply the product well, you will end up with amazing lashes. When I wear this mascara out i get numerous compliments on the length of my lashes. I like to use it if I have a special event to make my lashes stand out and more dramatic. I am so glad the product will be launching in the UK as if I want to repurchase, it will be much easier. 

To sum up I do really love the idea of this product, I like how long and thick it makes my lashes. However, I do feel I have to be careful to avoid thick and clumpy lashes which makes application a little longer. This is why I do not wear on a day to day basis only special events. 

If you are interested in any of the Younique products, click here to find out more! I am intrigued by this company and can't wait to try more from the range. 

This product was sent to me by a Younique representative, however, all opinions remain my own*


  1. Sounds like a good product. I was unsure about this product as I've seen some posts/pictures where it looks very very clumpy.

    Alex //

  2. Alex, when applied correctly, it isn't clumpy at all. I wear daily and never have issues. Also, you don't have to use a coat of regular mascara underneath, I don't and I think that helps too :)


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