Thursday, 11 December 2014

Gucci Première

“Gucci Première celebrates the star in every woman. Whether she is holding court at a film opening or business meeting, all her moments are golden.”


This beautiful perfume was a gift for my birthday. My boyfriend is amazing at finding new scents, he is definitely the best present buyer in the relationship! If you're not already falling in love with the bottle, the smell will definitely draw you in. This perfume is absolutely gorgeous, the gold finish really does represent exactly how this perfume makes you feel. 

The fragrance has top notes of bergamot and orange blossom, which is one of my absolute faves. Orange blossom reminds me so much of spa products, it's beautiful. Heart notes include white flowers and musk, timeless scents which always smell good. To finalise the product there are base notes of leather and wood. If you read my previous post, I express my love for leather, it truly is one of the best scents!! But fear not, the smell of leather and wood is at bay and not overpowering. 

If you're looking for a Christmas gift, this would be perfect for any age, it really is a lovely product. The gold hardware gives the product a rich and sleek touch which would look brilliant wrapped, or more suited, not. I will for sure be repurchasing as I have become addicted, I find myself sniffing the lid continuously throughout the day! I have the 50ml which is a good sized bottle, it will last a while as  the smell stays prominent all day. For me, this pops into my handbag perfectly but there are smaller bottles available if you feel it is too big!


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