Tuesday, 9 December 2014

NUEVUE* - Where Technology Meets Fashion


I first heard about the company NueVue in Cosmopolitan magazine. What caught my eye was the ability to reduce the bacteria found on your phone by 99.9%. This is amazing as the bacteria on your phone can be extremely blemish inducing. 

It's no secret that I love leather, real or faux. Both the smell and look of leather is gorgeous which makes this product perfect for me. Made with 100% genuine napa leather, this product has a gorgeous finish. I love the bright pink as it allows me to locate my phone from the deep, dark depths of my handbag. 

Another great aspect of this case is the ability to charge the phone whilst the case is on. I find that this makes on-the-go charging super quick and easy. Because of the strong materials used, I have no doubt that my phone is in good hands. The phone sits tightly within the case so I have no worries about it slipping out onto the floor and cracking. touch wood

Now lets get down to the main attraction, this case cleans your phone. Yes, I did say cleans. The interior of the case is covered in microfibers which actively clean your phone, goodbye jawline pimples! It's easy to forget to clean things such as your phone so a case like this is one less weight off my shoulder. I have seen a reduction in blemishes on my skin which is always a plus! I hate the thought of all the germs that were able to pass onto my skin in the past. I also love how there are no smudey finger prints on the screen, there's a clean cut look to my phone now. 

This would make a fab Christmas present for all ages, there is such a wide range of colours and materials available so there is something for everyone. NueVue also create cases for iPads which is great for students who take their tablets to university. I would definitely suggest trying this case, if not for the antibacterial benefits, it looks absolutely beautiful. 

Let me know what you think about the idea of an antibacterial phone case! I think it's a brilliant idea!

*This product was gifted to me by NueVue, all opinions remain my own


  1. This sounds amazing, I've never really thought about the germs lurking on my phone until I read this... now i'm off to disinfect my iPhone :)
    Great post
    Hannah || hannerking.com


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