Monday, 2 February 2015

Contouring for Pale Skin | Part One


As a girl with a pale complexion, contouring can be extremely daunting. I have struggled to find a contour kit that hasn't left me looking like a zebra. I often find that finding a satisfying bronzer shade can be a nightmare, they often look too orange or don't blend well. Highlighting tends to be an easier task to carry out as there isn't all that much that can go wrong. 

I received this contouring kit within a gift set for Christmas. I really love that the bronzer isn't too harsh, it's very neutral and can be built up if a larger effect is required. The shades are easy to blend and don't look to harsh next to my pale skin which is amazing!! I feel like without contouring my face can look flat and contouring really defines my features and gives my face a more 3D look! The blush is a lovely shade and is a nice in-between red/pink. It really compliments the brown and gives you a rose look. For the highlighter, I'm neither over or under excited. It does what it sets out to do, highlight. I do find myself using another highlighter as I find that the one in this kit doesn't do all that much and does have a slight pink tinge to it, but that's just personal preference. 

I like how the kit has a mirror, it makes on the go application so much easier!! The packaging is strong and I don't have to fear it breaking in my bag. We all remember powder breaking in our school bags, nightmare. I also like how you get three products for such an amazing price of £3.50. That is crazy seeing as you can easily spend £10 on one highlighter. I think the value for money really is here with this product and you can't go wrong. Makeup Revolution seems to be building such a positive profile in the blogging world and I love how they give those who don't have hundreds to spend on makeup, a chance to experiment and build a makeup collection. 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I have extremely pale skin and it's hard to find a good contour kit. x

  2. I love makeup revolution. I'm a bit scared of contouring as I'm also a pale person, but will definitely give this a try! Xx Sophie/


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