Thursday, 25 June 2015



It's no secret that I have suffered from awful skin since I started high school. I have probably tried every possible cleanser out there and nothing has really wowed me. Whilst browsing through Lush, I found my self in the skin care section. It can be a little hard to choose a product with so many temptations around, especially in Lush. One of the shop assistants came over to offer their advice and I am so glad they did!

I have been through 8-10 pots of this stuff since last year, I can't live without it. Within a week of using my skin had improved and by 4 it was calm and clear. I love this product as it isn't harsh or drying, those with acne know how tempting it is to dry your skin out! You know that feeling you get where you're excited to use a product? I still get this feeling every time I use it! This will literally melt your makeup off it's brilliant, the consistency and texture is so silky! One thing I really like is that all the ingredients have their own jobs, there is nothing in here that shouldn't be. It has a distinct smell which I really like, I can't describe it but I think it may be the beeswax.

I can't live without this product it really is a holy grail for me. Lush have a system whereby if you save a certain amount of pots you get a free product, it makes you feel like you're getting something back for loyalty as well as looking out for the environment. The product is designed for all skin types which is nice, and it's not to pricey either, a little goes a long way. Let me know if you have tried this product and what you think of it! I hope others are as impressed as I am, it is a godsend!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Top: Vero Moda
Skirt: New Look
Shoes: London Rebel
Rings: Topshop
Necklace: Designsix
Nail Varnish: Topshop

The weather is finally getting nicer and that means it's acceptable to bringing out the summer wardrobe. I had been invited to a friends for a birthday celebration and so felt a new outfit was in order. I decided to go for a denim pencil skirt and an off shoulder top. I love this combination it's so summery and it's really comfy too! I had ordered some gladiator shoes but they didn't fit right, it was a sad moment to send them back. The skirt did not come with a belt but I added one to finish off the look. Let me know what you think! I think this skirt will definitely be a staple piece for me this summer!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Barry M Lip Liners

Let's face it, we have all attempted the Kylie Jenner lip. It has kickstarted some sort of Lip Liner addiction whereby I have to buy every single lip liner I see. I love the nude shades and also the rouge shades for special occasions. In my last post I spoke about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks, I bought these lip pencils to compliment them. 

The pencils are amazing they are super creamy when applying which is nice as there is no need to drag the product. The pigmentation is amazing and it really does tidy up your lips and create a clean finish. I recently wore the shade chocolate on it's own all over the lip and it lasted all night, super impressive. I have made these little beauties a staple in my collection as they really do make a difference when wearing lipstick. I hope to purchase more of these liners as they are extremely affordable and there are lots of shades to choose from! I also purchased the Barry M sharpener as I can never find one when I need to sharpen my liners. The sharpener is perfect as it has a smaller and larger sharpener for a range of products! Let me know if you have tried these products, I love them!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

L'Oréal Glam Highlights

I get bored of my hair so easily, I always see celebrities with different hairstyles and it inspires me to change my look up. I purchased this kit on a whim as I wanted to lighten my hair for summer. As I am writing this review, I should mention that since the product was tested, I have highlighted it a further two times! I fell in love with the ease and finish of the highlights. The product comes with a really simple application brush which allows you to apply the product effectively and easily. The mixing of the product was also simple and mess free which is important when you're dealing with bleach! I applied the highlights with ease and was impressed with the finished look. 

Because my hair is quite a reddish brown, I did end up with orange tinges in my highlights which was soon fixed by a toner. I found that the shop bought toner products weren't effective so I usually make my own with some purple hair dye and conditioner, it allows me to alter the strength of the product. I love my new hair colour and have saved a lot of money that would be spent in a salon!! The condition of my hair is still silky and smooth, however, I do apply conditioning treatments on a regular basis! If you want a new look without spending a lot of money, definitely give this kit a try! I am really happy with the finished look!!

Monday, 8 June 2015


If you follow me on social media, you will know that I have been so excited to visit this new restaurant in Manchester. Last week Ed and I finally got to visit Tattu and experience what it had to offer. When we first entered the restaurant, we were blown away by the interior and attention to detail. It is very clear that a lot of thought and passion has gone into making this restaurant into what it is. The interior design is a work of art, it really is amazing! The bottom floor consists of a bar with a nautical theme, a lot of ropes, naked bulbs and rustic wooden tables. You will also notice a lot of art on the walls, hands up to the amazing artists and photographers that have been featured, they are brilliant. 

Whilst waiting for a table, our coats were taken and we were asked to take a seat by the bar. The waiter came over and was so friendly and knowledgeable about the drinks, he was confident which put Ed and I at ease as we had never heard of some of the cocktails. Ed went for the Smokin' Aces which was described as "A smokin’ blend of chipotle pepper rum, rye whiskey and falernum with a dash of Chungo Amargo Bitters and finished with an ice-cold bullet" and by iced-cold bullet, they literally put a bullet in the drink, really cool touch! I had the Skull Candy which is described as "A sweet blend of vodka combined with lavender, strawberry bubblegum and fresh lychee". This cocktail tasted AMAZING and also came in a glass skull, I won't lie I felt pretty cool drinking it!! Both of our cocktails had a silky smoke coming off them which added a really beautiful look, mine also came with an edible flower, something the restaurant seem to incorporate throughout their courses. Even though we had only had a cocktail, we already felt overwhelmed with how amazing it was!

We were informed that our table was ready by one of the waitresses who was also extremely friendly, we walked upstairs and again, we were blown away by the interior design. In the middle of the room sat a beautiful blossom tree, yes, I said blossom tree! It looks amazing and there were bulbs hanging from the branches which looked awesome! We took our seats and had a look at the menu, I have to admit I had no idea what some of the meals were, luckily our waitress was really knowledgeable and explained everything, she also offered advice on what sides would best suit our main! I went for the Red Roast Baby Chicken which came with Master stock, kumquat, shitake and baby bok choy. I was advised to get a side of Duck Egg and Sausage Fried Rice to soak up the juices from my main. Ed went for the Iberico Char Siu whih came with Choi Sum, spring onion, orange and lemon marmalade. we were both impressed with the presentation and flavours in our meals. I have never had anything like it before, there were so many new scents and flavours, I was really happy with my choice! 

When it came to dessert I was feeling quite full, not like me at all! I had told the waitress I did not want a dessert but she convinced us to share the Year Of The Goat which consisted of Goats milk, plum and lapsang souchong  beads, rice noodles, edible flowers and more! We were already drawn to this as Ed drinks Lapsang tea non stop! I am so glad we had a dessert as it was amazing, the tea beads explode in your mouth and it's like nothing I have had before, it is presented like a piece of art! 

As you can tell, I have nothing but positivity towards this restaurant! It was truly amazing and it's an experience you have to try if you love great food! We will definitely be returning, it offers a completely new take on dining out and turns eating into an amazing experience!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

My exams have finally finished and I thought it was about time I treated myself to some makeup goodies. Ed and I have just been on a city break to Manchester and I needed some lipstick to wear both in the day and night. I had seen these Bourjois Velvet Lipsticks on various blogs and thought they looked perfect for the job. I decided to purchase a red lipstick (08 Grand Cru) and a nude pink shade (07 Nude-ist) as they allowed me to have some variety. I usually wear red to go out in the evening as it is more of a classic look, I often pair it with a winged liner, true Taylor Swift style. I wore Nude-ist most days as it is subtle but defines my lips nicely.

What I love about this range is that it is also buildable. By applying more layers of the product you get a more pigmented look which is really nice as you can choose how dramatic you want the look to be. The colour lasts, only requiring the odd touch up if you have been sipping a drink or eating. The matte finish is just what I wanted, I rarely wear shine or gloss lipsticks. The product isn't drying, something I have often found in past products. 

I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a staple lipstick in your kit, it really is perfect for quick application and a lasting finish. There are 8 shades in the Rouge Edition Velvet collection so there should be something for everyone!