Wednesday, 10 June 2015

L'Oréal Glam Highlights

I get bored of my hair so easily, I always see celebrities with different hairstyles and it inspires me to change my look up. I purchased this kit on a whim as I wanted to lighten my hair for summer. As I am writing this review, I should mention that since the product was tested, I have highlighted it a further two times! I fell in love with the ease and finish of the highlights. The product comes with a really simple application brush which allows you to apply the product effectively and easily. The mixing of the product was also simple and mess free which is important when you're dealing with bleach! I applied the highlights with ease and was impressed with the finished look. 

Because my hair is quite a reddish brown, I did end up with orange tinges in my highlights which was soon fixed by a toner. I found that the shop bought toner products weren't effective so I usually make my own with some purple hair dye and conditioner, it allows me to alter the strength of the product. I love my new hair colour and have saved a lot of money that would be spent in a salon!! The condition of my hair is still silky and smooth, however, I do apply conditioning treatments on a regular basis! If you want a new look without spending a lot of money, definitely give this kit a try! I am really happy with the finished look!!

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