Friday, 31 July 2015


So, let's shop contouring for pale skin. It's not fun and it's a dangerous water to swim in, the slightest error can leave you looking disastrous. I have tried my hand at contouring many a time with many a product. It's very important with pale skin to pick the right shade of contour as it needs to have the ability to blend perfectly into your skin. 

I bought this product as I had never tried a cream contour before (similar to my reasons for buying the MAC Cream Colour Base). Along with the contour cream I also purchased the Real Techniques sculpting brush. These two products work so well together, the product is perfect for applying with the perfectly shaped brush. I really like the colour of this product it's a really nicely bronzed shade that isn't to dark and is easy to blend. I can wear this without any harsh lines and it takes little effort to apply. You can apply a little and blend for a softer look or build it up for a more dramatic look. This product looks great with the MAC Cream Colour Base, they look brilliant together. It retails for about £9 which is a little steep for high-street but it really is worth it. 

Let me know if you have tried it! I love it!

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Bit of a different post today, feeling inspired to share my thoughts on a topic which I feel is extremely important. Recently there has been a lot of controversy around the subject of weight and body shape. On one end of the scale you have those who have a large body shape and on the other you have those who have a smaller body shape. The problem with all the debates on 'appreciation' of both of these body shapes is that we forget one vital thing. There are people in between these two extreme ends. Weight and body shape cannot be categorized because everyone is different. I understand we all have the right to be happy in our own skin and be who we are, however, it does not allow the degradation of those who are different from your ideals. There have been discussions over social media whereby hashtags such as #SkinnyGirlAppreciation and #PlusSizeAppreciation have been used. Personally, I think this is just making a bigger gap and problem than there was before. Yes, Skinny is seen as the social ideal, it's all over the place and can induce unrealistic aims and goals for both men and women. However, it does not justify the degradation of anyone, plus size or not. We can blame the media and social perception all we want for the amount of hate, but we are society and if we aren't willing to change and accept everyone, there is no way a change can be made. 
I think it's great that plus size women are saying "hey, we are beautiful too", because you are. You look great and you rock a look that is unique and that's inspiring. But, those who are not plus size are also inspiring, we all are. All women are real women and beauty has no size. If you want to go to the gym and work your ass off for your body, you do so and don't feel guilty. If you love your curves and regard yourself as plus size, you do so and don't feel guilty. There is no need to create a hate, you have a body and that is that. Don't hate yourself and certainly don't make others feel like their body isn't good enough. 
I am skinny, but I certainly do not have the body of a Victoria's Secret Model. I do not sit at home and bitch about them, because they worked hard for that body and they should be allowed to love themselves and the way the look. At the same time, I do not look at plus size women and negatively criticize them for not being like me. People don't look the way they look to impress anyone, they do it for themselves. If I buy a new dress, it's to impress me, not my friends, not my boyfriend, me. I look how I do because it's my body and it makes me feel good. I do not have a skinny frame to make anyone else feel less-confident, It's just how my genetics have made me and unfortunately, that can't change. I would love bigger boobs and more curves, but I know that's unrealistic, so instead I've made peace and make the most of what I have. With this said, I am determined to tone up over the next year, as a personal goal. This decision is made by me and for me, no-one else! I am happy with who I am, but I still like to work on myself everyday. Just because my goal is to slim down, does not mean others must do to. 

On a more serious note, everyone has thing's that they would love to change about themselves, if someone already feels they have flaws, we should not add to their low self-esteem. It's easy to slate other's, however, it's also easy to forget that there are both physical and mental illnesses that can also be a huge part of the way people look/act. So next time you decide to slate another woman who isn't the same as you, just remember that they might be going through difficult times. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating are serious disorders that can also occur alongside with depression, anxiety and other disorders. I understand that these disorders only make up a small percentage of the population, but you never know who is suffering inside, so be kind and don't contribute to the self-hate. 
We as women should be lifting each other up and encouraging self love. For a long time I hated my body, but it's the only one I'll ever have. I'm sick of seeing the hostility between everyone, it's not needed and although the media do encourage a smaller physique, it does not mean that those who are slim deserve to be punished. It also doesn't mean that you have to listen to it, the media is an opinion, not a fact. Just because someone say's a skinny model is the ideal, doesn't make it a fact. I have acne scars on both of my cheeks which do make me less confident, but I don't see those with perfect skin as a negativity in my life, that is them and this is me. So dress how you want, eat however you want to eat, look however you want to look, it's your body and do it for you, not for anyone else. You set your own values, not the media. You do you and love yourself for it because life is too short to feel anything less than fabulous. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Seriously, we are on to a holy grail product here. I'm so excited to be talking about this product as it really is brilliant. On a recent trip to Manchester for the boyfriends birthday, I found myself admiring all the products in Selfridges. I have never really been a MAC fan. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I've never really shopped the brand. I purchased a foundation a few years back and was left unimpressed so that was that and I didn't see the fuss. Oh how the tables have turned. 

I wanted a highlighter that was a cream instead of a powder, and so I set off on a mission! I am so happy to have found this product as I use it daily. I am actually quite sad as I have hit the pan and it's a little bit heartbreaking. The product is amazing with a little going a long way. I use this on top of my foundation and sometimes as a eyeshadow. It is very versatile and it stays put, giving a beautiful dewy glow. I much prefer this over any other highlighter product I have used. To me, it far outdoes the powder alternatives on the market. The packaging is slick, the usual MAC look. I chose the shade Pearl which really compliments my pale skin colour, there are two others I think (one more of a golden tone). I was going to go for the golden tone, however, Ed suggested Pearl. He's a keeper.

I am in love with this product! What do you think? Got any other staple highlighter suggestions?

Saturday, 25 July 2015



I am not a mascara fan. I have always hated wearing it, the feel of it is just horrible. I look forward to the evening where I can take it off, it just really annoys me. The problem is, without it, I look very odd! I have abnormal lashes, they aren't very long or curly. This makes favouring a mascara very hard as it has it's work cut out. I was lured into buying the Bourgeois 1 Seconde Mascara due to it's very summery packaging. I'm easily amused.

I really like this mascara, it isn't too thick or harsh. It does it's job and it does it well! The formula isn't clumpy and goes on very silky, allowing a second application without turning into a messy nightmare. My lashes have been looking more elongated with this product and it doesn't smudge which is always a plus! My lashes separate well with this wand which is always nice, makes application less of a fuss. My favourite thing about this mascara is that it is so easy to wash off, no harsh rubbing and tugging at my lashes! Finally! This mascara has done the unthinkable, I actually enjoy wearing it

I will definitely be repurchasing as it has lasted a good while, I'm actually worries that the design has been discontinued as it was a limited edition, but it's the product that counts. Right?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Summer weather is starting to creep out and in celebration my little sister, Isabel, made a marble cake! She loves baking and I'm happy with that as I get to eat her creations! We all sat down in the conservatory with a slice of cake (dished out by the baker herself) and a cup of tea. Times like these really do make me reflect and think about how thankful I am for my family. My Mum, Sisters and Grandparents are my absolute rock and I'd be lost without them! I loved the look of this cake it's so cute and it tasted amazing with the white and milk chocolate! On a side note, Isabel had a flower inspired hair-do which made her even more adorable, she is such a sweetie! 

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Dry Lips are the worst! The one time I go out and want to wear a lipstick, I will somehow have the worlds driest lips!! I was in lush and saw this little beauty on the counter as I was checking out and bought it on a whim. Legit this stuff is amazing, it tastes like bubblegum, what more could you want! I have actually found myself craving this due to the taste, it's fab. 

The scrub itself is lovely as it isn't too harsh and doesn't leave your lips raw. I use this just before I'm going to do my makeup so that my lipstick goes on flawlessly. I normally apply a moisturising lip balm after using it so that my lips stay plump and hydrated. I have now hidden this product as my boyfriend has began stealing it, it really is a fab product! I really want to purchase the other flavours as they are really lovely little items that come in handy. The product itself feels very expensive due to the heaviness of the glass jar, the packaging is a lovely monochrome design which is really nice. I have found myself popping this in my bag too in case I need it on the odd occasion!

Let me know if you have tried this product and what you thought! I really love it, and it tastes like  bubblegummy heaven.