Saturday, 25 July 2015



I am not a mascara fan. I have always hated wearing it, the feel of it is just horrible. I look forward to the evening where I can take it off, it just really annoys me. The problem is, without it, I look very odd! I have abnormal lashes, they aren't very long or curly. This makes favouring a mascara very hard as it has it's work cut out. I was lured into buying the Bourgeois 1 Seconde Mascara due to it's very summery packaging. I'm easily amused.

I really like this mascara, it isn't too thick or harsh. It does it's job and it does it well! The formula isn't clumpy and goes on very silky, allowing a second application without turning into a messy nightmare. My lashes have been looking more elongated with this product and it doesn't smudge which is always a plus! My lashes separate well with this wand which is always nice, makes application less of a fuss. My favourite thing about this mascara is that it is so easy to wash off, no harsh rubbing and tugging at my lashes! Finally! This mascara has done the unthinkable, I actually enjoy wearing it

I will definitely be repurchasing as it has lasted a good while, I'm actually worries that the design has been discontinued as it was a limited edition, but it's the product that counts. Right?

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