Sunday, 23 August 2015


I have never been interested in blusher. Due to suffering from acne most of my teenage life, I was scared to add any red pigments to my skin in fear of it adding to the already bright red acne. My skin has cleared up a whole lot and i've started to venture into the blusher world. I decided to try out the Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks Blusher as it was firstly very cheap! and they had some lovely shades to choose from. 

I really like the design of the Natural Collection products, they are very simplistic both in style and colour. When i first applied this product I was impressed with how easily it blended into the skin, I was fearing it being highly pigmented and leaving me like a clown. Not a good look for my pale skin. The product blended seamlessly and it only took a little to achieve the english rose look I was aiming for. I absolutely love this shade, its beautiful and gives a lovely natural look to the face. 

I will definitely have to try more products from their range! their cheap prices definitely do not reflect how lovely their products are!

Friday, 21 August 2015


Ah foundation. Looking for a foundation is such a chore for me, my pale skin does not co-operate with the high street options. I have read so much about this foundation on the internet and decided to give it a whirl. I must admit, it is not the right shade for my skin, it is still slightly orange. However, with a little addition of a lighter foundation it was perfect. 

The finish of this foundation is absolutely beautiful. I love the dewy bright look and this is exactly the look it gives. Hallelujah. The product applies and blends perfectly with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as well as the Beauty Blender. One thing I hate about foundations is the tacky feeling it begins to get throughout the day, however, I have not experienced this with the Wake Me Up Foundation. The lasting is really great, I can go to work with it on and return with it. Finally! The added SPF15 is a further benefit, it can't do you harm. My pores look brilliant when wearing this, and I have big pores! I love the sleek and flawless look my skin has whilst wearing it!

You get a generous amount of product and a little is all you need. The coverage of this foundation is perfect for me and buildable on those bad skin days. Even when building the coverage up the product is still light weight. I must admit, I was sceptical with buying this foundation. I have been proved wrong and it really does wake my skin up in the morning. Even if I feel half asleep.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I have been long overdue some new hair straighteners. I have always used ghd, as a brand I think they have really effective products that are long lasting. I think I had my old ghd hair straighteners for about 3-4 years which is a long time! I experimented with other brands for a short while, however, they ended up burning my hands as well as my hair! I had seen that the new platinum stylers where coming out and decided to read about them. These new stylers come with a list of promises:
"With our revolutionary tri-zone® technology the ghd platinum® white styler uses safer-for-hair heat to help make your hair healthier*, stronger* and shinier** as you style. The heat is delivered evenly and constantly using our patented tri-zone® technology. Six intelligent sensors, three in each plate, deliver the optimum heat for styling and therefore give you our best-ever performance. Styling with ghd platinum® is proven to be kinder to your hair colour† as well as reducing hair breakage by over 50%* and increasing shine by 20%**."
First of all, they definitely tackle my very frizzy hair. As a girl with naturally curly hair, this beauty is a life saver. I can easily go to sleep with curly hair without worrying about spending hours in the morning to style it. They really have sped up my morning routine. They are really comfortable to hold, theres no burning of the fingers and it's round exterior fits perfectly in your hand. I find that this rounded exterior also makes curling hair really easy, it's amazing for both straight and curly styles. 

When you turn on the styler theres a noise firstly to indicate the waking and a second to indicate that the product is ready to use. I like this indication as it allows you to multi-task without having to watch for a light indication. There is also a noise to indicate that the stylers are being turned off, however, if you forget don't worry! there is a 30 minute sleep mode in case you're like me and leave them on more often than not! I'm not a morning girl

The stylers have a 2.7m swivel cord which is perfect for allowing you to style your hair at all angles, it also means you don't have to stretch from the plug to the mirror! The tri-zone technology used by ghd platinum stylers means that your hair is protected from the high heats. The equal application of the heat throughout the hair means that breakage is reduced and therefore you're not scorching your hair! phew. A final plus of these beauties is the heat-resistant plate guard that comes with them, it means traveling and storing is less of a hassle and burning yourself is less of a worry!!! 

I am super happy with this purchase, i think they are amazing!! £165 may be steep to some for hair stylers, however, this product really exceeds itself! I am confident they will last me years and carry on giving me salon style hair!! They look so elegant and sleek, just like their finish on your hair.

(There is currently £20 off with the code GHD20 so grab it while it lasts!)

Monday, 17 August 2015





I have a deep love for Pandora rings, they have such a beautiful range to choose form. I recently took advantage of the 3 for 2 deal they had on rings and added to my collection. I love the way all the rings combine to make a beautiful stack, there really is a ring out there for everyone! I like to wear silver as I feel that it compliments my fair complexion, not to mention gold is more expensive! I used to think that spending £50 on a ring was ridiculous, however, the amount of cheaper rings I buy that fade and brake is just as bad! I decided to invest in some jewellery that will last and keep looking like new, and I am so pleased with my choices! They fit beautifully and are very comfortable to wear, I must now refrain from buying anymore!!!

(My ring finger is size 52/54 while my index and middle fingers are 58 - incase you were wondering!)

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Today I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs with you, I think I may turn it into a weekly series! I usually spend Sundays reading blogs as it's so relaxing, I love looking at all the different content, photographs and layouts. Here are my first 5 must follow blogs:

Kate has such an eye for interior design, I absolutely love her homeware posts. I especially like to read them as I don't have my own place to furnish yet so it let's me gain ideas and brainstorm for the future! I love the photos on her blog, they show products in such a lovely way! Kate has also just launched her own stationary shop too which is so fab! visit her little shop to find gorgeous designs, they are so pretty!!!! She posts frequently so you always have something new to read about!


Zoe London is one of my all time favourite blogs. She is one of the most talented bloggers I have come across, with an absolutely amazing ability to write! If you are one of the small minded that feel fashion & beauty blogging is for airheads, you better give this blog a read! She proves that blogging is a talent, writing and photographing in such an eye-catching way. Her fashion and beauty style makes me feel like it's okay to express yourself however you want, and pushes me to experiment with my own style. She writes brilliant articles expressing her opinions and observations of the world, whereby she gracefully argues her point in a kick ass way (click here to read an example). Finally, Zoe interacts with her readers, something many big bloggers do not. 


Jodie Melissa is a blog that inspired me when I started my own. I went to school with Jodie, and when I found her blog, it gave me the push I needed to start mine. Her blog is full of gorgeous products and really detailed reviews. I often find myself struggling to write a whole lot but Jodie seems to have a real talent for it. She has written some amazing posts on her trip to New York with loads of beautiful pictures and advice, click here to take a look! 


Milly is just beautiful. Her instagram is full of makeup, cakes and lovely bits and bobs! Milly really knows how to show off a product and she pulls off bright lipsticks like a pro! I wasn't aware of vivienne westwood shoes until I followed her, now I am also obsessed and hope to one day own a shoe closet full of them!


We all know of Essie Button on youtube, however, her blog is just as fab! I love Essie, she has such a lovely presence. Her makeup reviews are photographed and written brilliantly, her sense of humour always shines through in her writing. I love her blog design, the illustrations are amazing! If you like her youtube, you will love her blog. 

Saturday, 15 August 2015


We all like to treat ourselves to higher end beauty products now and then. Maybe more now, than then. I am guilty of wanting a product purely because it's a label I love, or having simply not explored the market for a cheaper alternative. Thankfully, the amazing people over at Superdrug have opened my eyes. I was challenged to try Superdrugs own brand products in place of my other popular brand products. I sent a list of my summer essentials and before I knew it a lovely box arrived filled with goodies. 

I have been using these products over the past two months in order to test out whether I would truly purchase them again. I will be talking about the effectiveness of the product, the look of the product and other comparisons that are essential to me when buying new items. 


I love body oil, especially on holiday, it's an absolute must. When you live in a country where the weather is going to be rain 99% of the time, shimmer oils are perfect. I received the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse (Dry Oil Golden Shimmer) for christmas. I love it due to the gorgeous finish it leaves on the skin. It is a product that feels very luxurious and has a beautiful packaging that feels expensive. While the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse (Dry Oil Golden Shimmer) retails at £21 for 50ml and £42 for 100ml, Not exactly cheap, the Superdrug Solait Shimmer Oil retails at only £7.99 for 100ml! Now to me, this is a product well worth considering. The Superdrug alternative smells absolutely beautiful, I would purchase it as a perfume if I could! I love the finish of the product as it leaves the same radiant glow without looking too artificial. Both the NUXE and Superdrug products contain various beneficial oils which to me is a nice plus to an already gorgeous product. I feel the Solait Shimmer Oil has a beautiful packaging, although not as luxurious as NUXE, but still nice to look at!

VERDICT: I would definitely swap my NUXE Huile Prodigieuse for the Solait Shimmer Oil. I actually prefer the Superdrug alternative as it gave me a much more impressive result!


Waking up for a shower is never fun, however, when you have a nice shower gel it seems a little less of a chore. I love Champneys, they always have lovely products that genuinely feel spa like. I really enjoy using the Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Shower Gel, it feels lovely on the skin and it is packaged very beautifully. There is something about citrus washes that wake you up and leave you feeling fresh. The Champneys Shower Gel retails at £6 whereas Superdrug Orange & Satsuma Fruity Shower Gel retails at only 79p! The smell of the two products  differ hugely, however, they both have a very fresh scent. I do enjoy using the Superdrug alternative, however it doesn't have the same luxurious feeling. Don't get me wrong, it smells great and it does it's job, but i just didn't get the same impressed feeling as I did with the Champneys Shower Gel.

VERDICT: I would not swap my Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Shower Gel for the Superdrug Orange & Satsuma Fruity Shower Gel. However, I did enjoy using it and would definitely use it again.


If you follow my blog, you will know I have been having Laser Scar Treatments on my face. Whilst undergoing the treatment, it's extremely important to protect your skin from any burning. I usually wear the Garnier Ambre Solaire Face & Body Lotion SPF 50 under my makeup, it gives a nice base and it does it's job. It retails at £4 whereas the Solait Fluid SPF 50 retails at £3.49. I feel that both products are pretty equal in terms of doing their job. Both sit nicely under makeup and keep me protected throughout the day. I like the smell of both products and in terms of packaging, both are very similar! The only difference really is the price, saving 51p when you purchase the Superdrug alternative. 

VERDICT: I would happily use either product. Both the Garnier Ambre Solaire Face & Body Lotion SPF 50 and Solait Fluid SPF 50 are extremely similar!


I love using a face scrub, it makes me feel like my skin is fresh and happy. I have been using the St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub 150ml for a few months now. It smells great and leaves my skin refreshed and moisturised. One of the main reasons I like this scrub is due to the smell, the product has a gorgeous scent. It isn't very harsh either, I hate scrubs that feel like your skin is going to come off!! It retails at £4.19 whereas the Superdrug Simply Pure Smoothing Face Scrub 75ml retails at £2.69. This is the only Superdrug product that I didn't like. I felt it was drying and didn't scrub much at all! It felt more like a cleanser. I didn't feel impressed by it and it felt very cheap. You get a lot more for your money with the St Ives scrub, both quality and quantity wise. 


My hair is very thick and frizzes very easily as I have naturally curly hair. I tend to go for a silky shampoo that tames my hair and makes it easier for me to style. I use a number of different shampoos so I am going to do a general comparison. The Superdrug Shampoo Extra Shine Pro-V 400ml Superdrug retails at £1.12, to me that is cheap compared to some brands retailing at over £3. I really liked this shampoo, it left my hair manageable and silky smooth, just as it describes. It hasn't got a special smell, however, it is still pleasant! You get a lot of product so you wouldn't have to worry about it running out. It lathered really quickly which is what I like, I hate products that take half a bottle to get a decent hair wash!

VERDICT: I would definitely purchase this shampoo over any of the others that I use. I feel it did it's job well and it left my hair frizz free! I also love the Superdrug coconut shampoo so give that a try too if you are looking for something new to try!


Body cream is something I see as a luxury product, no matter the price! I love applying it after a lovely relax in the bath, it puts me in such a nice mood! I love the Ted Baker Body Soufflé products, they smell and feel amazing. You get loads of product and they look so gorgeous in your bathroom. They usually retail at around £10 whereas the Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream retails at £2.99. This is a huge price difference! I really liked the Superdrug alternative, it felt lovely on my skin and left it feeling silky smooth. The product has a really nice smell, I absolutely love it! I couldn't believe how cheap it was and how happy I was with the results! You get a lot more product in the Superdrug Body Cream, a lot more than your usual popular brand products. 

VERDICT: I would definitely purchase the Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream retails and swap it into my routine!

Over all I am so i so impressed with the Superdrug own brand products! They have a lovely range of items and cater to so many different needs! let me know if you have tried any of these products and whether you would swap them for any of your staple beauty products!

*This product was gifted to me, all opinions remain my own

Sunday, 9 August 2015


For some reason, I always forget to buy lipstick. I have no idea why! I decided to go out and buy two staple products so that I can always have one on hand in any event. I knew I wanted a nude shade as well as a bright shade for summer. Not that we have had much of a summer this year! I used to shop at Gosh when I was in high school and used to love the brand, mainly as they catered for my pale skin! I spotted their lipstick range and fell in love with the shades Cappuccino and Mandarina. Cappuccino is a lovely nude shade with milky brown undertones whilst Mandarina is a beautiful vibrant peach shade. 

Both lipsticks last for hours, needing a top up through out the day. The finish is creamy with a lovely sheen. I am not one for wearing shiny lipsticks, I much prefer the matte look. However, these two lipsticks have made me step out of the matte look box. The lipstick does not leave your lips dry which is fab, they feel as if they are moisturising if anything. I will definitely be trying some more shades from the velvet touch line, they have proved themselves to be brilliant lip staples. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Primers, Primers, Primers. There are so many and with just one face, I find it hard to choose one that I am happy with! I only use them now and then so price wise, I'm budgeting. I came across the L'Oréal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer a few weeks back and it does the job. The consistency is very silky and it makes application of foundation really flawless. The tube is a really nice size so you won't need to fear it running out. I think this is a really nice product to have on hand for those days where your skin is just not co-operating. Although it says mattifying base, it does not take away from my dewy foundation which is what I was worried about. 

There is a nice little guide on the back of the product which tells you about the texture and action of the product. This is such a brilliant idea and I wish all brands would do this! It saves a whole load of reading the descriptions which are written in a tiny font. My favourite part of the guide is that it tells you when you should use the product, something that some products don't really indicate! The packaging in general is sleek and simplistic, I really love the look. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Today I just wanted to share some photos with you! My little sister Isabel had her 9th birthday last week, it was such a lovely day filled with family, food and laughter. I can't believe she is 9, she is growing up way too fast! it's making me feel old! We headed to a local restaurant called Hickories for breakfast, the staff were lovely and put a birthday sign and sparkler out for her, she loved it! I had waffles which were amazing, Isabel decided to have toasted marshmallows. Yes, for breakfast. She had such a brilliant day and I am so proud to have such a creative and talented little sister, I can tell she is going to grow up into an amazing woman.