Sunday, 16 August 2015


Today I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs with you, I think I may turn it into a weekly series! I usually spend Sundays reading blogs as it's so relaxing, I love looking at all the different content, photographs and layouts. Here are my first 5 must follow blogs:

Kate has such an eye for interior design, I absolutely love her homeware posts. I especially like to read them as I don't have my own place to furnish yet so it let's me gain ideas and brainstorm for the future! I love the photos on her blog, they show products in such a lovely way! Kate has also just launched her own stationary shop too which is so fab! visit her little shop to find gorgeous designs, they are so pretty!!!! She posts frequently so you always have something new to read about!


Zoe London is one of my all time favourite blogs. She is one of the most talented bloggers I have come across, with an absolutely amazing ability to write! If you are one of the small minded that feel fashion & beauty blogging is for airheads, you better give this blog a read! She proves that blogging is a talent, writing and photographing in such an eye-catching way. Her fashion and beauty style makes me feel like it's okay to express yourself however you want, and pushes me to experiment with my own style. She writes brilliant articles expressing her opinions and observations of the world, whereby she gracefully argues her point in a kick ass way (click here to read an example). Finally, Zoe interacts with her readers, something many big bloggers do not. 


Jodie Melissa is a blog that inspired me when I started my own. I went to school with Jodie, and when I found her blog, it gave me the push I needed to start mine. Her blog is full of gorgeous products and really detailed reviews. I often find myself struggling to write a whole lot but Jodie seems to have a real talent for it. She has written some amazing posts on her trip to New York with loads of beautiful pictures and advice, click here to take a look! 


Milly is just beautiful. Her instagram is full of makeup, cakes and lovely bits and bobs! Milly really knows how to show off a product and she pulls off bright lipsticks like a pro! I wasn't aware of vivienne westwood shoes until I followed her, now I am also obsessed and hope to one day own a shoe closet full of them!


We all know of Essie Button on youtube, however, her blog is just as fab! I love Essie, she has such a lovely presence. Her makeup reviews are photographed and written brilliantly, her sense of humour always shines through in her writing. I love her blog design, the illustrations are amazing! If you like her youtube, you will love her blog. 

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