Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I have been long overdue some new hair straighteners. I have always used ghd, as a brand I think they have really effective products that are long lasting. I think I had my old ghd hair straighteners for about 3-4 years which is a long time! I experimented with other brands for a short while, however, they ended up burning my hands as well as my hair! I had seen that the new platinum stylers where coming out and decided to read about them. These new stylers come with a list of promises:
"With our revolutionary tri-zone® technology the ghd platinum® white styler uses safer-for-hair heat to help make your hair healthier*, stronger* and shinier** as you style. The heat is delivered evenly and constantly using our patented tri-zone® technology. Six intelligent sensors, three in each plate, deliver the optimum heat for styling and therefore give you our best-ever performance. Styling with ghd platinum® is proven to be kinder to your hair colour† as well as reducing hair breakage by over 50%* and increasing shine by 20%**."
First of all, they definitely tackle my very frizzy hair. As a girl with naturally curly hair, this beauty is a life saver. I can easily go to sleep with curly hair without worrying about spending hours in the morning to style it. They really have sped up my morning routine. They are really comfortable to hold, theres no burning of the fingers and it's round exterior fits perfectly in your hand. I find that this rounded exterior also makes curling hair really easy, it's amazing for both straight and curly styles. 

When you turn on the styler theres a noise firstly to indicate the waking and a second to indicate that the product is ready to use. I like this indication as it allows you to multi-task without having to watch for a light indication. There is also a noise to indicate that the stylers are being turned off, however, if you forget don't worry! there is a 30 minute sleep mode in case you're like me and leave them on more often than not! I'm not a morning girl

The stylers have a 2.7m swivel cord which is perfect for allowing you to style your hair at all angles, it also means you don't have to stretch from the plug to the mirror! The tri-zone technology used by ghd platinum stylers means that your hair is protected from the high heats. The equal application of the heat throughout the hair means that breakage is reduced and therefore you're not scorching your hair! phew. A final plus of these beauties is the heat-resistant plate guard that comes with them, it means traveling and storing is less of a hassle and burning yourself is less of a worry!!! 

I am super happy with this purchase, i think they are amazing!! £165 may be steep to some for hair stylers, however, this product really exceeds itself! I am confident they will last me years and carry on giving me salon style hair!! They look so elegant and sleek, just like their finish on your hair.

(There is currently £20 off with the code GHD20 so grab it while it lasts!)

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