Sunday, 9 August 2015


For some reason, I always forget to buy lipstick. I have no idea why! I decided to go out and buy two staple products so that I can always have one on hand in any event. I knew I wanted a nude shade as well as a bright shade for summer. Not that we have had much of a summer this year! I used to shop at Gosh when I was in high school and used to love the brand, mainly as they catered for my pale skin! I spotted their lipstick range and fell in love with the shades Cappuccino and Mandarina. Cappuccino is a lovely nude shade with milky brown undertones whilst Mandarina is a beautiful vibrant peach shade. 

Both lipsticks last for hours, needing a top up through out the day. The finish is creamy with a lovely sheen. I am not one for wearing shiny lipsticks, I much prefer the matte look. However, these two lipsticks have made me step out of the matte look box. The lipstick does not leave your lips dry which is fab, they feel as if they are moisturising if anything. I will definitely be trying some more shades from the velvet touch line, they have proved themselves to be brilliant lip staples. 

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