Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Long time no speak? I have been awful at blogging over the past month and it's due to a mixture of things (work, work, work, work). I am in the middle of setting up a business so that has been my main focus over the summer. It seems odd looking back and thinking how I have always wanted to work in design and create stationery, and now it is becoming a reality. I will be launching my stationery business on October 5th, I will do a full post about it soon! I guess I was just fed up looking for stationery that looked good and had a pretty interior as well as exterior. I find that in America the stationery world is amazing! They really do take organisation to the next level! I want  to fill in the gap in the UK and create something for others who also get slightly giddy when buying stationery. 

Anyway, I thought I would post my HM wish list as I have been obsessed with them lately. I find that they allow me to stay in fashion without spending large amounts of money on one item! They are amazing for basic clothing items that can become staples in all seasons! As you can tell my wardrobe isn't on any terms colourful. I always tend to stick to neutral tones and colour with say a lipstick (reds + pinks are the go to for this). I have been reading into the idea of a capsule wardrobe, whereby you purchase a number of items for a season that mix and match. This is good for many reasons, mainly because you don't have to continuously buy new clothes and also it saves time as you can plan what to buy and know that each outfit will work. I have been searching the Internet and I think I am going to finally go for it and try it out this A/W. 

The pieces I have attached are a rough idea of what I want; warm, comfy and flexible. Many of the items can be worn casually as well as dressed up with say a piece of jewellery. I have been in a bit of a skirt phase recently and I've been loving it, I avoided them for a while due to the fear of my legs being exposed (even when in tights). I think my confidence has improved a lot and I'm becoming a bit more experimental in terms of what I wear!

Please let me know what you thought of the capsule wardrobe idea! Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated! 

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