Monday, 28 September 2015


Who doesn't love eyeliner. I remember the days of caking my water lines with a black kohl pencil, ohhh how I don't miss those days. I love liquid liner, it's such a rewarding feeling to get your eyeliner matching and symmetrical. Even if it does take a good few hours

I have been using the Benefit "they're real! push-up eyeliner" for around a year now and it really is amazing. I have just ran out and thought I would try a cheaper highstreet brand. I saw the Maybelline Master precise and for £5.99, it looked good. I like how they offer a brown shade instead of the cult black shade. Because my eyelids are quite small, black can often make them look even smaller. 

Firstly, the shade is great, I really love it. It's not as harsh as a black shade and it looks great with my daily smokey eye. In terms of the product itself, I wasn't all too impressed. It took for too many layers to make it look near as good as my Benefit Liner. The product seemed to dry out so quickly and I would need to dab the nib to soak it in the product again. It was frustrating because the actual nib is the perfect shape and allowed me to get a nice wing with ease. The pen was easy to hold and navigate around my eye. I really do with it was more pigmented because the Benefit liner has set such a high standard. I have become accustomed to the Benefit gel consistency which is so easy to apply and slicks onto the eye perfectly, I just didn't get the same satisfaction with this product. I feel that if there is any product on the eye, the Master Precise will then refuse to apply. It's almost as if the shadow and foundation dry it out. This does not work for me as I always wear shadow! 

All in all I would not purchase again, however, I do love the nib and hope the formulae improves in the future! 

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