Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Look at me acting like a fashion blogger! I have only ever done one post in the past about an outfit and I enjoyed it so much I thought I would have another go. I find fashion blogging to be so much harder in terms of photography as you have to set up the camera, pose for the camera and also take the photo. WHAT! I eventually got the hang of the whole thing and this is the outcome. For a first try on my own, I'm satisfied! 

I commute to university and I found the mornings were becoming uncomfortably chilly. I decided it was time to search for the perfect coat and I've found it. I was so happy to find this coat in New Look, its so comfy and warm! I love how casual it is and it literally can be thrown on top of any outfit and look good! I also appreciated the student discount which made this bad boy only £26! It's such a bargain seems as my last coat was £80+. shivers at the amount spent on clothing. Okay, £80 can get you a decent coat, I think coats are an investment and can last years if picked carefully, however, this coat is perfect and for the price I was over the moon. I like how it's such a laid back, casual style, yet it has such a smartness to it. 

I was in university when I wore this outfit so it was the everyday casual Joni Jeans (jeans owned by 99.9% of the country) and a basic Zara tee. For the shoes I chose to wear my lace ups because I am in love with them and tend to live in them nowadays. Although, I must admit I have started to feel the chill so must purchase some ankle boots ASAP. 

Let me know what you think! I hope to do some more fashion posts as they are a nice change from beauty posts! 

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