Thursday, 22 October 2015


When I was 16 I started to use contraception. As I was an extremely forgetful teenager, I went for the easy option: the implant. The implant is a thin rod embedded in your upper arm which releases progesterone over 3 years. This does three main things: it prevents the ovaries releasing an egg, thickens cervical mucus and thins the womb lining. All of these things working together prevents you from becoming pregnant.

I have had acne all through my teens and when I thought about it, it severely worsened during the time I had the implant. When I say acne, I don't mean a few spots, I mean sore, irritated red blemishes all over my face. I didn't really have a day without any spots, I always had painful skin and I would sit in front of the mirror crying and feeling useless. I began to do my research and found so many different sources telling me how the implant can increase acne. I am now 20 and having become suspicious of the implant, I had it removed. My local clinic provided me with a pill to continue using contraception, specifically, they recommended Cilest as it has been shown to reduce acne.

During the first week my skin began to clear up, I couldn't believe it. I was both relieved and annoyed that I had finally found the main cause of my bad skin. Obviously I can't blame the implant for my acne, however, it definitely had a huge impact. It has been two months since my implant was removed and my skin is absolutely acne free. I literally can't thank the skin gods enough, it's so nice to wake up without sore, red skin. I think that both removing the implant and starting to take Cilest have worked together to improve my skin. I had recently had acne scar removal procedures so it's nice to have less scarring too!

If you are suffering from acne I would definitely look into small things like this. Contraception becomes such a mindless task, especially when it's in your arm. I forgot the implant was in my arm and didn't even think it could be having an effect on my skin. I understand that this may not work for everyone, but it's definitely something to consider! A lot of people think acne is due to a bad skin routine, but I can guarantee you this is not the case. I cleanse, moisturise and treat my skin morning and night, using products raved about by others. It's simply not the case of washing your face, it's deeper than that.

Let me know if you have ever experienced anything similar? I tweeted about this topic during the summer and had lot's of feedback off other bloggers!

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