Saturday, 31 October 2015


On a cold winters Day last December, I walked into Lush during my yearly last minute Christmas gift shopping spree. Little did I know, the products suggested to me would be life changing staples. Lush has a brilliant reputation in the UK and from what I've read, in the USA as well. I love lush, there is something so lovely about walking into a Lush store and being surrounded by beautiful products and smells. I was suffering from such awful acne last year and had reached the point where I couldn't find a gentle yet effective cleanser to tame my skin. The lovely sales assistant recommended that I try Ultrabland, a cleanser made from almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. 

This cleanser really is amazing, it is a god send. At the end of the day, I softly massage the product into my skin until my makeup has melted, I then take two large cotton pads soaked in warm water and wipe away any product from my skin. I have never experienced a cleanser so effective in removing makeup and dirt, it is such a lovely experience too! I love how spa like the product is, it is so soft and gentle with the skin, leaving a lovely feel to the skin. A lot of cleansers can leave your skin feeling stripped and dry, however, this leaves your skin dewy and moisturised. The pots contain more than enough product to last you weeks, a small amount will surprise you in terms of how much makeup it removes! I love the smell of the product, it's odd, nothing like I've smelt before! The consistency is so silky and soft, it feels lovely on the skin.

I have also been loving their Eu Roma Water which is a toner. The two main ingredients are rose water (to reduce redness and calm skin) and lavender water (to balance and soften skin). I apply this product after cleansing and every morning too. I love this product as it smells amazing and leaves me skin calm and soft, as it describes. I feel so refreshed after using this and my skin doesn't feel overly dry or striped! Using the Eu Roma Water is a very relaxing experience due to the smell and application, I either spritz my face and wipe with a cotton pad, or I will spritz the cotton pad directly.

I couldn't live without these two products, they really are staples in my skincare routing. I see so many posts and YouTube videos talking about high-end expensive skincare and these two just prove how over spending is not necessary. Using both of these products has contributed to taming my acne and looking after my sensitive skin. I am happy to have found such wonder products! It makes life that little bit easier!

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