Thursday, 19 November 2015


My skin is odd, one minute it's dry and the next it's oily. I can't win! I decided to invest in a new moisturiser as I found my old one was not doing the best of jobs. I had spotted the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré a few times but had never purchased it. There's something about french skin care that really draws me in, I don't know what it is! 

After removing my makeup and spritzing my face with a toner, I applied the product. I was actually quite surprised at the consistency as I expected it to be thicker, however, it was quite thin. The product smells really nice, not to strong but subtle enough to notice. The moisturiser was quickly absorbed into my skin, this is good, as I hate lying awkwardly on my pillow waiting for products to sink in. I quickly fell asleep and awoke to the softest skin! I was so impressed with the condition of my skin - it seemed to look much more balanced and hydrated. I often wake with red toned skin and the balance of colour in the morning caused me to give a little jump for joy.

I have been using the product for a while now and the condition of my skin has improved dramatically. I feel like my blemishes have decreased and also the scarring on my skin looks a lot less prominent. I won't lie, I didn't realise the power of moisturising until now. I feel like my makeup is applying so much more easier and looks much better now that my skin has improved. I am so happy about this purchase, I can't emphasise how essential this moisturiser is in my skincare routine! I purchased it whilst it was on sale over on Feel Unique so keep a look out for deals! I always search for discounts or deals to get the best value for money.

I guess the moral of the review is sometimes you need to give into your french brand cravings and treat yourself, It's definitely worth it!

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