Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I have seen marble phone cases all over the internet - in fact, everything seems to be marble at the moment! I have to admit, at first I didn't see what the fuss was about, but I have definitely been dragged into this trend. When GoCustomized contacted me to try one of their personalised phone cases, I jumped at the chance! I have long needed to replace my old broken case and this was the perfect opportunity! I was excited to choose a custom design so I headed straight to Pinterest in order to find the perfect design! Pinterest is perfect for finding inspiration and designs and I'm fussy so hate trawling through the many ready made ones on the internet!

Like I said earlier, I love marble, so I opted for a marble design. I am also a huge fan of pastels so combining the two is perfect for me! I used their website design tool to chose and position my phone case and then completed the order. There is an option to use one of their own designs or you can also upload anything from a photo to art work. You can also add text onto the cases too which would be nice if you were creating a gift for someone, you also have the option to choose a matte finish or a gloss finish. 

When the phone arrived it was packaged in a bubble wrap envelope which is nice as our postman seems to shove things through the letter box! The phone case fits the phone perfectly and gives it a sturdy feel, I also think it gives me more grip of the phone. I am happy with how the design came out, however, I would say that my design on the computer looked much more vibrant and I preferred it that way! I really like how the phone feels personalised and gives you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing! The case looks sleek and I absolutely love it! I was previously considering doing a diy marble phone case - however, this is much more professional looking! 

With Christmas coming up, this is the perfect gift for either friends, family or yourself! Hey, you've gotta treat yourself sometimes. If you fancy designing your own iPhone case click here, and let me know what designs you go for!

*Although this product was gifted to me, all opinions remain my own

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