Saturday, 7 November 2015


I've never taken part in the MAC hype - I feel like there may be something wrong with me! I don't have millions of MAC lipsticks and I have never felt the need to try their products out. I think this is because I purchased a foundation when I was in high school and expected it to be amazing, however, it was no more impressive than my highstreet alternative. 

I recently felt the MAC urge, I felt like I wanted to embrace MAC and maybe my mind would be changed as I am now older. I needed a new foundation and I wanted something with a light coverage and long lasting power. I decided it was time to try MAC. After a lot of research I decided to go for the Face and Body foundation - the unsung hero of their foundations. I read about the amount of makeup artists that see this foundation as an essential in their kit and how it has a beautiful dewy glow - just what I was looking for. i like that they have started to sell the product in a smaller 50ml bottle - it means I don't have to commit to their 150ml. However, if you know you love this product it is wiser to purchase the 150ml as you get more for your money. 

I was so excited when the package arrived and ran upstairs to try out this foundation. On first try I noticed that the product blended in amazingly. I had read how it looks just like skin, however, I did't realise how natural it would look. Very impressed with this. In terms of coverage it is not for those looking to conceal, I would say it is more suited to those maybe trying to balance skin or for those with already clear skin. I could not wear this foundation without a concealer as it is very sheer and it really only balances my skin tone out. The product feels lightweight on the skin and doesn't feel cakey after a long day - I like that ever after university and travelling home I didn't feel like my face was under a huge mask. I chose the shade N1 - their lightest shade. I do not think this is the right shade for me as it makes me look slightly orange, however, it is fine if I blend it slightly down my neck. I think the finish of the product is beautiful and yes it gives you a healthy glow, I really enjoyed the end look. I do however feel that I can only wear this foundation when my skin is immaculate, which is rare. I wish I had perfect skin because this foundation really is a lovely product and it looks so natural. My sister has lovely skin and it suits her so well, I guess my review only represents those with acne scarring or the odd blemish. 

In conclusion I feel impressed by the MAC Face and Body, it is a nice product with a gorgeous finish. If anything I would like to test out some other foundations they have to offer maybe with a larger shade range and also a slightly higher coverage. I hope that in the future when my skin is completely healed from scarring that I can try this product again because It has so many positive attributes!

Please let me know if you have tried this product! Also let me know if you have any recommendations for what MAC foundation I should try next!

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