Thursday, 5 November 2015


I had tried one of these eye shadows over a year ago, and was obsessed with it. However, I lost it and never repurchased for some reason! Recently, the Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadows have started to crop up everywhere and so I had to go out and purchase a few. 

I decided to go for three shades - a light, medium and dark shade. On first look, these shadows are absolutely gorgeous! I love the packaging, the glass pots feel very luxury and the glass allows you to see the product. When you unscrew the lid, the product looks so lovely - I couldn't bring myself to ruin the perfect swirl of product! However, I also couldn't resist the urge to use the products so it was quickly ruined!

The lightest shade I chose was 65 - Pink Gold. This shade is beautiful and is such a lovely highlight on the skin. I often find gold on my pale skin can look too over the top and this pinky gold shade is perfect for a day to day look. I think the warm tones are perfect for autumn and it makes your eyes really stand out! The medium shade I chose was 70 - Metallic Pomegranate. This shade is literally autumn in a pot. I love burgundy and purple shades so this was the perfect choice for me. It's light enough to wear all over the lid yet dark enough to use as a contour with a lighter shade. I think this is my favourite shade by far. The darkest shade I chose was 40 - Permanent Taupe. This shade is perfect for contour and it has a beautiful matte finish. I love that it works well with all of the shades I have tried it with.

The product itself is brilliant as a shadow. There is so much to love - the longitivtiy, the colour pay off and the over all finish. The product is creamy and applies to the skin so easily - it also blends well on it's on or with other shades. I really enjoy the fact that you can apply this with a brush or with your finger. These are perfect for those who find using brushes a hassle or who simply can't be bothered. The pigmentation is amazing and lasts all day - yes, ALL DAY!! They have clearly been supplied to us by the makeup gods. You only need a tiny bit of product in terms of cost and lasting power - they are the perfect investment for every day wear.

Have you tried any of these beauties? let me know! If you have any suggestions for what shades I should buy next, let me know! 

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