Sunday, 1 November 2015


So Christmas is right around the corner, wow, where has this year gone? When a company called "I Just Love It" got in touch with me to review some of their products, I jumped at the chance. I have been wanting to create a non-beauty Christmas Gift guide for a long time now and this was the perfect opportunity. I was kindly given the opportunity to choose some items off the website to review and I am so happy with the choices I made. 

I wanted to choose a range of different products to represent different personalities and people. It an be so hard to choose gifts for everyone as people can have such different tastes. I like how I can visit one website and find such a wide range of choice and make one order, instead of millions! So without further-ado, here are the gifts I have chosen!

1. Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Teaspoon £18.99

For the tea fanatics out there such as myself, this is the perfect gift. I love cute tableware and this is lovely because you can personalise it to say whatever you want it to. I decided to go for a good old saying, however, this would be so sweet with someones name or even a special date! The vintage feel of the gift is really nice and makes me feel all fuzzy inside! 

2. Deer Wash Bag £15.99

So I was accidentally sent the stag version of this wash bag instead of the deer. However, I don't mind either way! I love the rustic feel of the colour scheme and the illustration! The size is perfect and would be a good gift for those who travel a lot or who simply have lot's of cosmetics to store! If you're in a couple, both the stag and deer versions of this wash bag would be a nice matching gift! I can fit everything I need when staying over night which is a relief, because I always take way too much!

3. Monogrammed Black Handle Mug £9.99

So if you read my blog you will know that I am OBSESSED with monochrome. My bedroom is monochrome, my clothing is usually monochrome, it's my go to style. When I saw this mug I thought it looked so sleek and simplistic, I love the font and the minimalist design. Because I hoard mugs and cups, I decided to put my mug to use as a brush holder. It looks so lovely on my desk and it keeps my brushes nice and organised! 

4. Personalised Fragrance Candle £22.99

Candles are one of my favourite gifts to both give and receive. I love candles and how they can make a room feel cosy and snug. I love the fact you can personalise this, it looks very chic and again fits in with the minimalist theme I tend to go for. Because of the simplicity, this would be ideal for either males or females and would be a lovely touch for a home. There are two candles in a pack so this is really nice if you tend to burn candles like there's no tomorrow!

5. Grow Me Be Happy Seed Kit £3.99

When I saw this seed kit it made me smile so much! I love quirky gifts like this, they are a nice change from the more traditional gifts. The packaging looks so uplifting and made me feel all positive when I saw it! I intend to use this with my younger sister as she is creative like myself. I think this is a nice gift for any age group, it's something you can watch grow and develop! Fingers crossed I remember to look after it as my mind is like a sieve. 

I loved every item I received, the quality is brilliant and the gifts look so thoughtful. When Christmas shopping, I always like to make my gifts personal to those who I am buying for as I love seeing the expression on their faces when opening. I think allow you to buy for personality and take in the relationship you share with others, rather than just opting for a generic gift. 

Let me know if you like any of the items I went for and if you would be happy if you received them!

* kindly sent my a voucher code in order to purchase these products, however, all opinions remain my own and I carefully selected products to fit my post.

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