Saturday, 19 March 2016


I have seen this product name pop up all over the internet for years, in fact, both my Mum and Nan had used it for years. I am actually quite surprised it has taken me so long to actually give this a go, it's a beauty blogger favourite and go-to cleanser for most. When browsing Feel Unique I decided it was about time to see if this product really did work wonders. 

The first thing I noticed when opening up my order was how sleek and pretty the product was. It feels and looks very spa like which makes taking makeup off such a treat. I look forward to the few minutes of calm I feel when removing my makeup, It's the best feeling. Before applying the Cleanse & Polish, I removed my makeup with a micellar water and some cotton pads. I always cleanse twice at night, once to remove makeup, and a second to cleanse the skin. I really appreciated the pump which provides just enough product, I hate trying to judge how much is enough! The little things really make the biggest difference. When pumping the product onto your fingers, you'll find it's a white cream with a slight stiffness to it. Once you apply it to the face it massages out perfectly into a silky consistency and feels very moisturising. I really love the smell of the product, really fresh and not too overwhelming. I massage the cleanser into my skin in circular motions, I could do this all day, the product feels so lovely on the skin. To remove the product, I used the provided muslin cloths. They feel like high quality and they are also quite large which is nice. I use a different section of the cloth for the removal of the product on different areas of my skin. The cloth is soft enough to feel gentle but also gives a slight feel of exfoliation.

Since purchasing the product I have been using it both morning and night, regardless of wether I wear makeup or not. I have seen a few alterations in various aspects of my skin. Firstly, my skin feels very moisturised and supple. I used to have an awful problem with keeping moisture in my skin but this seems to do the trick, it doesn't strip the skin at all. Secondly, the overall texture of my skin is ten times better. Since using the product my skin is much more even and smoother. My makeup has also been applying better due to the improvement in texture and moisture.

As you can see, I have three bottles of the the Cleanse & Polish. I had noticed on the Liz Earle website that they were on offer for £9.50, and so I thought I would stock up. I felt this price was amazing as it also included the muslin cloths. I am really happy that I finally gave into the urge to purchase this product, it has proved itself to be a staple in my skincare routine. If you're looking for a gentle cleanser with effective results on both skin texture and moisture levels, this ones for you.

Friday, 11 March 2016


Okay so this post has been sat in my drafts for the longest time. I had forgotten to publish which is insane - because it's a brilliant product. I have always used a white Illamasqua foundation to lighten up all of the darker shades I have in my makeup collection. As a pale girl, highstreet foundations just to do the job, they're far to orange, and if not orange, pink. I saw these Lightening Drops online and thought they sounded amazing! and so, the next day I headed to the body shop to pick up a bottle to try. 

Firstly, I love the packaging, very elegant and minimal. The dropper style application of the product is fab and makes this process really easy and controllable. I am really happy with the amount of product you receive because you only use a few drops at a time, meaning it's great for longitivtiy. I apply a drop of my foundation along with a drop of the lightening product. Mixing together on the back of my hand, I am really impressed with the finish. You would never tell that you are using two different products mixed together. The consistency of the foundation remains the same and the lightening drops don't reduce wearing time or finish. I'm pretty sure they offer a darkening drop as well so if you have the opposite problem to me, it's cool, you can darken foundation too! 

This product is an absolute must if you are forever trying to find the right foundation shade. I really love the simplicity of it. In the long run - this will save you buying multiple different products, simply pop a few drops in your foundation and you've got the perfect match. Definitely won't be letting this one go!