Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Hero Project*

I love skincare, I would probably go as far as saying I love it more than makeup. To me, having a good skincare routine is vital, especially if you have problematic skin like mine. When offered to trial new skincare products, I jumped at the chance! I had never heard of The Hero Project before, so as expected, I was very intrigued. I was sent both the Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost and the Glow Drops Dry Oil. 

When both products arrived I was immediately obsessed with the packaging. Both products come in sturdy boxes with a very sleek and minimal design. The boxes aren't covered in unnecessary information, instead they have the important stuff such as application, ingredients and intended outcome. I like products that don't bombard you with irrelevant waffling, so this packaging was a breath of fresh air. The Glow Drops feel very luxurious as the bottle is quite a heavy glass. The pipette has a really handy button on top so getting to the product is extremely easy! I have never seen this before, but there is a dimple at the bottom of the product so that the pipette picks up every last drop once the product is finished, such a lovely idea! I really like the look of the Glow Drops and the feel of the Glass bottle, it's really nice to use and also lovely to look at! The Hyasoft Moisture Boost comes in a long tube with a sturdy screw cap, simple and effective. 

The Glow Drops have some wonderful sounding ingredients, including 10 natural essential oils and vitamin C. I love natural products so finding out that this product is 93% naturally derived makes me a very happy girl! Because of the essential oils, this product smells absolutely dreamy, it's especially perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere before bed! The Hyasoft Moisture Boost is made from a blend of multi-molecular hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. This sounds very fancy but to cut it short, this helps lock in moisture on multiple levels of your skin. 

After cleansing my face, I applied a 10p sized amount of product all over my skin and immediately, the product felt like nothing I had ever used. It's a very thin, silky gel which absorbs very quickly. I like that the gel isn't sticky because it's a pain having to wash your hands if a product leaves a horrible residue. I then massages 2-3 Glow Drops all over my skin, using soft, circular motions. The glow drops felt very luxurious and absorbed really nicely into my skin, leaving a glowing, soft finish. When I woke up the next morning, my skin felt amazing, as if I'd had a facial. I have nothing but positive comments on these products because they have really given me such an excited reaction. 

After using both products for a week, I have seen an increasing, ongoing change in my skin. My skin is brighter and smoother than before, I also seem to have a natural glow which is amazing! I find that my makeup has been applying far better than usual, I normally find that foundation sits on my nose in an awful way but now makeup looks much more natural and flawless. I can't praise these products enough because they are very lovely in every aspect, packaging, application and finish. It's always nice to find a product that works and these work very well together. I will definitely be using these products daily as I can't get enough of them, I love it when a product makes me this excited!!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products! I'm obsessed and very happy to have been introduced to such a lovely brand! 

*This product was gifted to me for review, however, all opinions remain my own

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  1. I love the Glow Drops there my go to product atm, I also recently wrote a review on them!

    I'm going to Deffo try out the hyasoft soon!

    Good review and love the images!

    Love Rachel, X


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